quotes about knowledge

Sometimes you’ve got to bleed to know,
You’re alive and have a soul.
—  Twenty one pilots
  • [RFA at an amusement park]:
  • ZEN: MC~ What do you want to ride?
  • MC: I want to ride that! [points to Seven]
  • 707: [blushing furiously]
  • ZEN:
  • MC: I mean his car that's behind him.
  • 707:
  • Yoosung: [eating a corndog and chokes]
There are two tragedies in life.
One is to lose your hearts desire.
The other is to gain it.
—  George Bernard shaw
You know how everyone says if you are not happy then change your life.
But how can you change your life if you don’t know what is going to make you happy.
—  Extracts from the book I’ll never write
If you're studying hard right now…

just know that I’m super proud of all the hard work that you’re putting in! I know you will succeed in your academic endeavors! If today has been going great then I am so proud of you because that’s wonderful and having a good day is so important. If you’ve been having a bad day, I am still proud of you. No one is perfect and we all have struggled. Always remember that 3 steps forward and 2 steps back is still progress! You are one step closer to your goal then you were yesterday. Hang in there!! You’re gonna do great things!

For the longest time I realised I was holding on to something that was already gone and that maybe I was a fool to even still care.But the truth is,I still do.
—  late night thoughts

For most of my life, I’ve been caught in between who I really am and how I’m perceived, in between categories and definition.

I don’t fit it.

And I used to think that, that was a curse, but now I’m slowly starting to see maybe it’s a blessing.

See, when you don’t fit in, you’re forced to see the world from many different angles and points of view.

You gain knowledge, life lessons from disparate people and places.

And those lessons, for better or worse, have shaped me.

So, who am I? Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is …