quotes about hope

I hope one day you regret everything and realize things weren’t so bad between us and maybe you realize I did my best for you every single day. However, when that day comes I’ll be gone, and we missed a perfectly good chance to find happiness together.


India, 326 BCE.  Macedonian War Council.

Alexander: So talk to me, commanders, how are we looking? 

Hephaistion: Sexy, but not like we’re trying too hard. Like, sure, we’re trying, but it’s almost effortless.

First and foremost, we need to be the adults we want our children to be. We should watch our own gossiping and anger. We should model the kindness we want to see.
—  Brene Brown
I love messy. I love when you laugh so hard that your whole body starts shaking. I love when dishes pile up in the sink because you were too busy living. I love unashamed vulnerability, I love sweatpants and messy hair. I love music that makes you weep. I love unabashed flirting, I love when you don’t hold back your tears and they stain my shirt. I love genuine hugs, I love smudgy make up and unmade beds. I love passion. You are a living, breathing soul. You’re not here to be perfect, dammit, you are a force of nature. Show me who you are. Give me honesty.
I want honesty.
—  things I think about at 5:19 am