quotes about heartache

“I can’t give you anything. You deserve better than that.”

I looked down at the floor with teary eyes, whispering softly, “I never wanted you to give me anything. I just wanted you.”

—  I still do
You know what I’ve learnt? That you don’t care. And you never did. Sure, you told me that I was your girl and that you loved me but you don’t ignore someone you care about. You don’t shut the door on them and lock it. All I can do is look through the keyhole into your life and watch you be happy. How can you be so happy without me?
No matter where you are, when it is, or what you’ve done to me, know that I’ll be there.
I can’t even walk around the city without seeing little reminders of what we used to be and my heart will flutter again and I know, in those moments, that I can tell myself I’m over you a million times, but at the end of the day I’ll still love you as much as I did from the very beginning.
—  and it fucking kills me
All of my friends keep telling me that you’re not worth it. They keep telling me to stop wasting my time. I start to listen to them and cut you off but somehow you creep your way back into my life and I crawl right back to being in love with you.
—  8:16am//h.h
For the longest time I realised I was holding on to something that was already gone and that maybe I was a fool to even still care.But the truth is,I still do.
—  late night thoughts