quotes about hard work

Sometimes you’ve got to bleed to know,
You’re alive and have a soul.
—  Twenty one pilots
I remember what it was like to lose everything i ever wanted, time and time again.But I learned I had to lose it all to become who I am.
—  I honestly think too much.
Stress is what will lower your grade, stop you achieving, prevent you from doing what you love and so much more. Stress is poison to the human mind, do not let stress rule you. Take a minute, take a walk, take time out, but always bring yourself back into the game. Do not let stress win, keep going.

Stress is a killer by Amy Kennedy



It’s the fact that I could become a part of GOT7. Since I passed the audition, I had spent only 7 months as a trainee and then was immediately added to the members of GOT7 in order to begin the preparation routine for our debut. Up to that time I had never danced once in my life, so it was very hard to keep up with other members who had been preparing for the debut since a long time ago. That’s why I feel really lucky to be as I’m now - being able to do activities as a member of GOT7” - Choi Youngjae

I am a bisexual female.

As a female attracted to males,
I can wear pink and dresses and makeup,
Giggle a lot and kiss boys frequently
And spend my time on picking outfits to catch a male’s attention.

As a female attracted to females,
I can wear plaid and cut my hair short,
And fix lightbulbs and cars,
And be repulsed by male parts.

As a bisexual female,
I can be attention-seeking and shallow,
And flirt with many people.

As a female,
I can get angry when I’m on my period,
And like beautiful things,
And talk behind another woman’s back.

But as an intelligent female,
I can know that my labels do not define me.
I can recognize that as a small part of a demographic group,
I do not represent all people like me,
And that no single person defines a community.

As a powerful female,
I can be able to make things,
Or control a room.
I can see that strength is both physical and mental.

And as an independent female,
I can live separately from my labels.
And even if my actions happen to coincide with common stereotypes and ignorant false definitions,
I am still not defined by the perceptions and judgment of others,
And neither is my demographic group.

Because there is such a huge difference
Between what I am
And who I am.

—  I Am. – k.l.y.
If you're studying hard right now…

just know that I’m super proud of all the hard work that you’re putting in! I know you will succeed in your academic endeavors! If today has been going great then I am so proud of you because that’s wonderful and having a good day is so important. If you’ve been having a bad day, I am still proud of you. No one is perfect and we all have struggled. Always remember that 3 steps forward and 2 steps back is still progress! You are one step closer to your goal then you were yesterday. Hang in there!! You’re gonna do great things!

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Christens insta thing was a quote by Henry Ellis is about hard work and finding balance and letting go. Pretty sure it's in reference to the up coming games not only are they important but are games that I'm sure brings up a lot of memories from last year. It obviously are words that can be misinterpreted but certainly shouldn't have anything to do with her relationship.

Thanks for that!

Don’t dwell. Don’t wallow in the pain or the hurt. Don’t put your head down in sadness; put your head down into work. Put your head down and grind. Accept life as it is and go do work.

Shit happens. Don’t let it weigh you down from greatness.

I did all of this. I dwelled, I wallowed and I let YOU weigh me down. This is me saying no more. You may have hurt me and left me, I’ll always acknowledge that, but you won’t weigh me down a minute longer.
I’m refreshed and I am ready.

I’m back on my grind.
Yes, I do have scars from you. They still bleed from time to time, but blood is a reminder that I’m still living.

Even with you gone.


30 days of Krista and Becca Ritchie >> first generation 

Sam is whispering in Poppy’s ear with a huge smile, and she’s laughing like he’s telling the funniest story ever.