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I hope one day you regret everything and realize things weren’t so bad between us and maybe you realize I did my best for you every single day. However, when that day comes I’ll be gone, and we missed a perfectly good chance to find happiness together.

Hello! It’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on university life! This will be a multi-part series that hopefully will give a unique insight, since I can go on and on about university, and I love giving advice and helping others :)


Here I’ve put together a list of 20 things that you might not be told outright when choosing your university degree. @exeron

General Starting Tips During High School

  • It doesn’t matter what subjects you do in senior year, so don’t worry about bonus points, as long as you get a high enough ATAR so that you can keep your options open. Play to your strengths.
  • But! On the other hand, don’t take history and visual arts for your HSC and expect to be at the same level as your peers when you take a B Science (Advanced Mathematics) degree. You need that calculus knowledge. (Most of the time this isn’t a problem, because most people will choose a degree that aligns with their interests in high school). Again, play to your strengths.
  • Keep on top of your extra-curricular activities in case you need to go for an interview like with medicine.
  • Some degrees like optometry, medicine, law, etc. require additional exams like UMAT, so find out early, pay for the tests and mark it down on your calendar so that you don’t forget.
    • Up to you whether you want to pay extra for coaching, but anecdotally, I didn’t do any coaching and did fine. I had many friends who did coaching and ended up doing poorly. 
  • Choose a good university. Promise it actually counts at the end of the day. There are cases of people getting employed with low credit averages at big companies because they go to a good university.

Decide What Kind of Career You Want

  • Most importantly, it’s best if you pick your degree based on the job you want upon graduation. What you study at uni is just a means to an end. It’s a business decision that you are making - trading a few years to get a better career and better income at the end of the day.
  • Consider practical aspects of the job you want. For example, some of the things that I like about optometry is the fact that you aren’t sitting down the whole day, it’s a job that’s great for locum-ing and part-time work if I have kids in the future, and it makes for a good conversation starter when people ask you about optometric myths (no, looking at green grass does not help your eyes, nor do eating carrots, and having a nightlight doesn’t make you more short-sighted). These are all things that aren’t written down on a piece of paper somewhere, but are things that you can figure out by thinking about the everyday facets of the job itself.
  • Figure out your career values. These are things that you don’t want to compromise on due to personal integrity, as opposed to areas of interest. Some examples are:
    • Autonomy and independence
    • Achievement and advancement prospects
    • Creativity
    • Security
    • Altruism
    • Prestige, status and respect
    • Risk-taking and excitement
    • Material benefits a.k.a. $$$
    • Power
    • Team membership
    • Variety
    • Learning
    • Structure and organisation
    • Problem Solving
    • Leadership
    • Work-Life Balance
  • Don’t “follow your passion”, just “get good”. A lot of people also tell you that you should “follow your passion”, but most of the time you have limited experience concerning the types of occupations in the world, and most of the time there isn’t anything that you’ve developed a strong passion for. You might have a bunch of interests like me; when I was in high school, I enjoyed every single subject, because I just enjoyed learning in general, so the only thing I could think of was literally to become a full time uni student. This video really sums everything up quite well, so I’ll quote from it.

When you work hard at something you become good at it.
When you become good at something you enjoy doing it more. 
When you enjoy doing something, there is a good chance you will become passionate about it.

Start By Choosing a Good University and Faculty

  • Choose a Commonwealth-supported university. Don’t saddle yourself with excess debt from a private university unless your grades were so bad that you needed to pay money for a university degree. If you have the choice, don’t opt for these.
  • Go to open days! I seriously think I wouldn’t have chosen optometry if I didn’t go to the UNSW Open Day. The guy was just really persuasive about the benefits of the career.
  • Ask graduates! If you’ve got a retail job and have the opportunity to chat with people about their jobs, see what they like about their job and how they got there.
  • Opt to specialise. For example, if you are aiming to be a financial data scientist, then go for a B Economics and major in econometrics. Sounds simple, but people always argue about choosing a general degree like Commerce so that you have a broader choice and keep your doors open. This is only good if you don’t have an end goal in sight. Specialising shows employers that you have direction and are driven.
  • However, if you have absolutely no idea what you want to study then at least choose a faculty that you find palatable, try and do your research, or take some core courses that allow you to discern your major. If all else fails, just get the UAC book of degrees and cross out what you don’t want to do LOL

After Starting the Degree

  • If you start a degree and you find the first semester or two isn’t what you were imagining, unfortunately that’s what happens to a lot of people. Uni isn’t a vocational school that jumps straight into the professional skills. So if you want to be a pediatrician who nurses cute children to health at the end of the day, sorry but you’ll have to start with basic sciences. I’ve seen a lot of people jump ship just cause they didn’t like the first few courses.
  • Go for Honours if your degree has the option. Just looks a lot better in the eyes of an employer that you’ve tried challenging yourself with a research honours project. A 1 year trade off in studying is worth it.
  • Don’t worry about the length of the degree. Three years will be over before you know it, trust me! And honestly, university is actually a really great time period. Many of my older cousins reflect on it and say that in a way, it was some of the best times of their lives, because you don’t have the responsibility of the household bills and full time work just yet.
  • Don’t be afraid to change your degree after the first year. Some microeconomics - it’s a sunk cost.

Don’t think: “Oh I’ve already spent this much time studying this degree, it will be a waste if I change degrees”.
Think: “if I spend any more time in this degree that I don’t actually want to study, then I’ll be wasting my future”. 

  • You aren’t “wasting” your ATAR by choosing a degree that has a much lower cut-off point. For example, if you wanted to shape the future of children by becoming a teacher, you aren’t “wasting” your 98 ATAR by going into teaching, even if the cut-off is 81.
  • Don’t let other people influence your options. Look, if you’re going to change your uni choice just because someone you don’t like is going there… you’ll barely see anyone except for the people in the same degree as you after 1st year is over. Likewise, parents give advice, they don’tshouldn’t mandate life choices like what you study. 

Good luck with your university applications. Hope you all get into the degree that you’re hoping for! Hit me up if you have any questions :) 




🌟 🌠Self Care Tip: Keep a positivity journal. 🌠🌟

Unlike a regular diary where you log the details of your day to day life, both the good and the bad, a positivity journal is meant to be filled with nothing but the good in order to create a space where you can focus only on the positive things in life that you can then look through when you’re feeling negative in order to cheer yourself up.

Some ideas for things you can keep in a positivity journal are:

💛Compliments people have given you

💛A list of good gifts you have received

💛Descriptions of cute animals you’ve seen while out and about

💛Quotes that inspire you or make you feel happy

💛Newspaper clippings of good news stories

💛Puns or other jokes that have made you laugh

💛A list of music that makes you happy

💛Pictures or art that you like

💛Your best memories from childhood

💛Stickers or stamps

💛A list of self-care activities/tips that have worked for you

💛Coloring pages you’ve completed

💛A list of things you like about yourself

And pretty much just ANYTHING that makes you happy, makes you feel better about yourself, or reminds you that there is good in the world and in your life!

Left: right before transitioning to a plant based diet
Right: one year on a plant based diet

I used to be afraid of food. I used to go out and eat but immediately regret it then tell myself I wouldn’t eat anything big the rest of the day. I used to look at myself and think"I need to lose weight". I thought that because I was going vegan I was going to be so skinny! I was so excited. It’s unfortunate because look at me!! I was not fat AT ALL why did I ever think that??? I’m bigger now than I was then!!! Why was I so hard on myself??

Fortunately, now I’ve learned to love myself. I am still in no way fat, and most of the time I feel super good about myself. I still have bad days, but those are outnumbered by the good.

Today is my one year vegan anniversary and I thought I’d share this little thing for all of you.

There’s good days and bad days
I look f*cking crazy on both kinds of days
On the good days I clean, I clean everything
From my car to my room to the bathroom to the kitchen to my self. Scrubbing my skin under scorching hot water in hopes of becoming a new version of my self as if it was that easy
You said that it’s that easy I just have to want it
And that one line sends me into the bad days
Imagine I don’t want it because I don’t want to be happy like everyone else
Because I don’t want to run in flower fields
And run on the beach with my sandals in my head
Because I don’t want to be happy I’m alive

On the good days I would rather listen to music for hours than go outside
On the good I have a real appetite and I want my favorite food again
On the good- good days I play my music so loud that I sing along just to drown out the thoughts

You stop me and ask:

“Wait I thought you were taking about the bad days next”

I am they are both the same. I’m still depressed on both days it’s just it’s easier to see me on the good days, that on the good days it’s easy for you to lie and say I’m happy again and sweep the broken glass into the dustpan

—  s-asx 

What You’ll Need:
- just you, exactly how you are
- a mirror
- your heart, no matter how broken or strong

Step #1: Apply all of your aesthetics. This includes those glasses you have avoided wearing, the smile that you resist to hide your braces, the kinkiness of your hair that you were told needed to be straightened, the beauty mark posed on your cheek, and so on. You tend to mask yourself around the company of others, but allow yourself to expose what you were demanded to hide.

Step #2: Get that heart of yours ready to encounter a person it may have developed an opposition for. Whatever state your heart may be in, prepare it for a flood of emotions that may either soften the hardness your heart has, seep through the cracks that remind you of your previous pain, or have a flood so vicious that the pieces to your shattered heart sink or resurface in the pool of diverse emotions. Prepare your heart to feel because when it comes to your self image, the heart always has a reaction.

Step #3: With heart in preparation, sit yourself in front of a mirror and look into your eyes. Not at the small indents your pores create, not at the freckles sporadically scattered throughout, not at your lips, not at your nose as if you can get away with avoiding your eyes, no. Look in your eyes, deep inside them. You want someone to compliment the breathtaking pools that waver slightly in the center of your eyes, yet you don’t even stare into them yourself. Do more than just a quick glance and don’t shy away either. Your eyes tell such a powerful story, a story that your mouth sometimes refuses to tell. Look deep at the pain so heavy in your eyes, reminding you of all of those nights where you swore your place on earth was based off of an accident. Look even deeper at the strength you claim you don’t have even when you continue to fill your lungs with air. Look even deeper at the cries of help your eyes have screamed many times before, yet no one noticed, which led you to having to answer the cry yourself. Those moments where you had to be there for yourself because that message your powerful eyes have announced was dismissed by the world around you. Look deeper at moments like those where your eyes celebrate the fact that you have not given up and with that, look at the victory you won everyday by continuing to wake up, providing yourself the opportunity to see the day where your story makes an inspirational mark on someone else’s motivation. Stare not at yourself, but at your eyes. May your heart feel every sentence those eyes of yours speak.

#Step 4: Be silent for as long as you’d like as you stare at your eyes in the mirror. Continue the moment where you and yourself meet once again. Just remember that, yes, those eyes are powerful, but remember that your tongue is, too. Receive the message of your eyes, but speak back to it, for your tongue holds the power of life and the power of death. Too many times have you spoken the most calamitous words that could soil your heart while you were looking in the mirror. Too many times have you called out every flaw and blamed them for poisoning your chance to be beautiful. Too many times have you interrupted every opportunity to encourage yourself by ripping out your hair and smashing your teeth because you were convinced that there was no future for you to encourage. Enough of that. Enough of all of it. That’s not why you have a tongue, so you can beat yourself up with its words. No, it’s there to bring life and healing and you say you’ve always wanted to hear those sweet words, but you’ve shut your mouth when it came time to say them. Enough of that. Make no room for words of discouragement, but make no room for silence, either. Respond back to your eyes in the most powerful way possible and finally, speak life. Speak to the pain that is hidden in the pools of your eyes and thank it for pushing you to gain strength. Speak to the strength in your eyes and tell it that there’s going to be more where that came from. Speak to the cries of help that still hope for rescue and answer it by stating your commitment to always be there for yourself, to be gentle with yourself and to answer your eyes’ cry with the reminder that a victory is going to come from this. Speak to the small party your eyes hold, celebrating that your history in the making will continue to make victories, just by your strength to wake up every morning. Don’t hold back. Respond to the story your eyes tell with words that will make great chapters in your book. Continue to speak words of encouragement and of life.

Step #5: Control your tongue for the next step. It’s so used to speaking words of hatred, but the training to speak life starts right now.

Step #6: Now, it’s time to speak to your reflection - to the glasses on your face, to the size of your nose, to the freckles scattered from your forehead to your chin, to the beauty mark on your cheek, to the braces on your teeth, all of it. For so long, you have been comfortable with your own mouth assailing your reflection, along with being comfortable with your heart turning away in disgust. It’s time to reverse the normalcy of that. The bondage of that normalcy has to be broken. After responding to your eyes, it’s time to speak to what many consider as flaws and apologize to them for wishing on their nonexistence because the despondency of wishing that parts of your body would be gone is intense. Look at the glasses hanging from your nose and thank the design and the lens for giving you better chances to see. Look at your nose, no matter the size, inhale deeply and exhale slowly and thank it for assisting your breathing and allowing you to smell the sweetness of the day. Look at your freckles and thank it for uniqueness, for there’s no other pattern that could imitate it exactly. Look at the beauty mark on your cheek and ponder on how true the meaning of it is. It’s a beautiful mark made just for you and it’s been waiting for your words to remind it of its beauty. Smile. Smile as wide as you possibly can and look at those beautiful set of teeth, decorated with braces or not, and thank it for its contagion, for when you smile, others can’t help but to show theirs, too. The uniqueness that originates from its presence is priceless. Why discourage something so beautiful?

Step #7: After you are finished with encouraging yourself in the mirror, after you have said all that you wanted to say and cried all the tears you wanted to cry, leave the mirror and compliment yourself without a reflection. Feeling beautiful is more than just an outward thing, but it must take place on the inside, too, which means it is a necessity to make the heart feel beautiful, as well. As the day goes on and if you find yourself laughing, let your heart know how beautiful it sounds, for it symbolizes the exemption of being yourself and enjoying a moment that could sweeten the day. As the day goes on and if you find yourself crying, let your heart know how strong it is. As the day goes on and if you make a mistake, let your heart know how perfectly normal it is to be human. As the day goes on and there is no mirror present, compliment your heart. Train not only your mouth to speak in invigoration, but train your heart to be invigorated as well. Train it to not only be kind to yourself, but also kind to those in your vicinity. Never stop at loving what’s on the outside, but it’s the makeover on the inside that exposes the beauty.

Repeat these steps as many times in the day as you’d like, but make sure you do this at least once a day. Repeat this not only when you feel discouraged, but even at your highest point, so the reminder that you are beautiful will never fan out. Repeat so it becomes a natural routine, that you won’t even second guess the opportunity to complete these steps. Always keep that heart of yours in training to be gentle with yourself and kind to others, for confidence is not a self thing, but beneficial to those around you as well.

The purpose of this isn’t to get a big head, but a big heart. Encouragement is so powerful and it’s so beautiful to encourage yourself. It’s a necessity to encourage others as well.

—  To Believe You Are Beautiful Tutorial
I wonder if helping people that have hurt you and have been bad to you, is a good thing because you aren’t bad to them and you try to give some love, what they maybe did not get.
Or it isn’t smart to give love because it gives them assurance that if they hurt you or not, it doesn’t really matter because you will forgive them.
—  ck.writes (on Instagram) // i really don’t know but i gave love and all i feel is stupid
Like anyone, it comes in ebbs and flows and you have good days and bad days. I’m a person just like anybody else. I’m a girl and I have insecurities of my own. So I think being a positive example by practicing what I preach hopefully sends out a good message. It’s about showing people it’s not always easy. When you’re running around you might be less healthy or have a cheat day, but that’s OK because we’re all human. We have to take care of ourselves to the best of our ability and be realistic with our goals … Nobody’s perfect. I have cheat days, I eat burgers! I like brownies! It’s just once I get to the gym I have to work twice as hard is all.

anonymous asked:

what is madridismo

Madridismo is the identity of Real Madrid (or a population of madridistas, depending on how it’s used). Everyone interprets it differently, but it’s generally seen as the values of the club; passion for the shirt~~, determination, remontada, spirit, loyalty, a gentlemanly attitude, and on top of that, being the best club in the world. If I had to sum up what Real Madrid is through a player, it would be Iker, Raul and Alfredo di Stefano. 

I could never say any of it as well as this quote, though:

“Real Madrid are words that are in my life. Real Madrid means triumph in victory and triumph in loss. Real Madrid is history, it is the day-to-day and it is what will happen, it is endless longing and endless expectation. It is courage, to overcome the rest and also itself, to overcome loss, to overcome victory. Real Madrid is the “at least” of a bad day and the “but” of a good day. It is suffering, it is loyalty and hope. It is Sunday afternoons and Monday mornings, it is something to talk about, something to converse over, it is something to share with many people. Real Madrid is a global idea, something that is worth all the effort. It is Bernabéu and Di Stefano, it is Chamartín and Cibeles, is it the green of the grass, it is pipes, it is cigars. It is smiles and applause, it is tears and whistles, it is joy and sadness, it is throats and voices. Real Madrid is not the goal scored, it is the next one. It is Madrid, Spain, Europe and the World. It is sport and spectacle. Real Madrid is eleven artists and eleven warriors. It is envy and admiration, it is relevant whether you hate or love it. Real Madrid does not leave one unconcerned. It is values and ideas, compromise and union. It is dreams and reality. There is one Real Madrid and there are many. Real Madrid is every person who makes it a part of their life, those who can see and do not stop watching, those who want to see but cannot watch. It is everyone and no one. It is more than football. It is sometimes an excuse and other times a reason. It was monarchy, republic, dictatorship and never stopped being democracy. It was first and it was second, it is leader without being champion. It is sporting heroes and kids from Madrid. It is front page news, hours of radio and television, it is the eternal debate and the nonexistent conclusion. It is, above all, ambition. It is the grandfather we all wish to have. Real Madrid was yesterday, it is today and it will be tomorrow. Real Madrid are words that I still do not know how to express.”

I try to imagine how you’d look-whether your hair would be long, short, blond or red. Would your eyes be blue or grey? Would you be slender or have a few extra kilos? I keep trying to vision you and what we’d do and I can’t wait till I finally meet you so I can wake up next to you, cook for us, dance in the kitchen while there’s no music playing and we’re only in our pj’s, meet up after work for late coffee days, especially on rainy days. I wanna hear about your day, support you, make love with you in every form known & yet to be discovered. I wanna be goofy around you and embarrass myself and hopefully you’ll call me a “dork” and laugh with me. I wanna face life with you-the good, the bad, everything in between. I want to meet you so badly and I can barely wait…
—  me to my future wife
The familiar feeling burns my throat and no matter how hard I try I cannot
swallow the feelings.
They are stuck there and it feels like I’m choking, suffocating.
I am spiralling downwards, into the darkness. It envelopes me, silently laughing at me.
I have lost count of the days, weeks, months. The blackness is all I know and I welcome it with open arms, it numbs me.
And I am stuck here because I cannot explain to anyone how the inky tendrils that coil around my soul blossom into something far more dangerous in the pit of my stomach.
—  How do I talk about these feelings?
20 Questions

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Name: Brittney

Nicknames: I like to go by my actual name, but a handful of people call me Brit, and my one cousin calls be B.

Zodiac Sign: Pisces (I also have to look up how to spell it 🙈)

Height: 5'5" on good days 5'4" on bad days 😅

Orientation: 🤷‍♀️ still trying to figure that out

Ethnicity: white

Favourite fruit: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: mango is bae ❤️❤️

Favourite season: summer!!!! ☀️☀️ fuck winter!

Favourite book: I could make an entire different post about this (I read a lot 🤓)

Favourite flower: my knowledge of flowers is very limited. They’re all pretty 💐🌷🌹🌻🌼🌸🌺

Favourite scent: a tie between lavender and vanilla

Favourite colour: another tie between yellow and purple💛💜💛💜

Favourite animal: 🦈🦈 sharks are the best

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? Yes please 😊

Average sleep hours: 6-8 (I know, how cliche 😏)

Cat or dog: both have their pros and cons but I love all animals 💕

Favourite fictional character: Wonder Woman

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 in summer, 2 in winter, but there are like 6 on my bed 😁

Dream trip: tour of Europe and travel from country to country by train 🚂 (I’ve never been on a train 😱)

When did I make this blog: January either 1 or 2 2017. I can’t remember the exact date.

I tag: @selflove-inprogress @dont-avoid-yourself @tinyfitbadass @strongtofit @pnwrunningfree @mamasfitnessjourney @leighweightloss @gettinglighter @linagettingfit @rozgetsfit @workingoutaintcute
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I am happy when I eat fresh fruit, when I burst out laughing, when I discover a new song, when I finish a good book, when I wake up and feel relaxed. I’m glad to have friends, family, a home, food when I’m hungry, hot water when I shower. I love being able to live and see the seasons change, to have gifts at Christmas and at my birthday, to travel sometimes, to have a good education and a great access to culture. I’m flattered when people compliment me, when people smile at me, when people are polite to me. There are so many things that make life so simple and easy and I will always think about them more than all the bad things that will happen to me. I do not have time to be sad every day and ungrateful; I have every reason in the world to be happy.
—  Unknown

Healthy isn’t eating less. Healthy isn’t low carb. Healthy isn’t no fat. Being healthy is eating an abundance of foods that fuel and nourish your body. Being healthy means feeling good radiant on the inside. Being healthy is eating chocolate cake for dessert. Being healthy is staying up until 3am with your best friends. Being healthy is riding your bike through a park on a sunny day. Being healthy is staying snuggled up in bed watching Netflix all day. Life is too short to not take advantage of every second, don’t spend it worrying about if something is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for you. Feed your Soul with excitement and love everyday.

Happiness is good health and a bad memory.
There are days when there is nothing beautiful about me. Days when my thoughts are so heavy I can’t lift my head up. There are days when it feels like every last ounce of courage I had is gone. Disappeared. Vanished into thin air and I am left like a ghost looking at the corpse of the person I once was. Days like that leave me a little bit lost, I come out of them in a hellish sort of hangover. There are days when there is nothing beautiful about me. That doesn’t mean there aren’t good days though, days when I can look past everything that happened, and see only good things in this world. I refuse to stop seeing the good just because I’ve felt the bad. I’ve met the bad, I’ve had the bad whisper romantic things in my ears, and kiss me. There were days when the bad and I were so close I couldn’t tell which one I was anymore. There are days when there is nothing beautiful about me, but I am just as lovable on those days as I am on the good ones.
—  laceerainspoetry , Will You Hold Me Tight On The Days I’m Not Beautiful? 

“One trademark in the show that’s terrific and that Vince and I talk about and exploit is that we often don’t see the faces of the main characters. Vince says that everyone knows who these people are so we really don’t need to see their faces. Other networks or studios would be upset if you put your main character in a silhouette or put a little bit of light on his head; they want you to see him. We always head towards the emotion of the scene and not necessarily towards seeing the faces. If I can tell the story in a pitch-black room with the face totally in silhouette, that’s what we do. It’s expressionistic. We represent reality, we don’t reproduce it." 

Michael Slovis, Director of Photography - Breaking Bad