quotes about following your dreams

My phone always autocorrects ‘Idk’ to ‘dil’ which is the Hindi word for heart.
Is this perhaps a way of telling me that all the answers and light I seek lies within my heart?
Every time I don’t know something, I should just focus on what my heart is trying to say because it knows it all and its always trying to help me out contrary to what I may think.

I’ve told you everything I’ve had to tell you except one thing.
Find your message.
Find what you believe in and what you think makes you different.
Find whatever’s inside you, whatever thoughts you have and try to spread it as much as possible.
Do whatever you can and try to make yourself the most positive person you can be.

Be the better person.
Don’t fall for drama.
Don’t spread hate.
Don’t call people out if they walk out on you.
Their lost is their lost and that’s the end of it.
Find your reasons to be happy and spread those reasons to others.
Sooner or later it’ll pay off.

More people will come to you for good reasons.
Some people will come back to you for good reasons and try to clear things up with you.
More people will want to surround themselves with you.

Realize you don’t have to say “you’re real” for people to know you’re real.
People will give you credit where it’s do, when it’s do.
Be happy.
Love yourself.
Love others.
And keep following your dreams.


- JR

A Message to a Friend.

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
—  Marilyn Monroe