quotes about finding yourself


-George Saunders

Maybe you’re the girl that texts first, who overanalyzes every message before sending, wanting it to say exactly what’s on her mind.
Maybe you find yourself falling in love too easily, or giving your heart away like it’s a pin attached to the edge of your sweater sleeve. Maybe you’re the girl who has feelings for the boy who’s unsure, and you find yourself reading quote after quote about love, wondering if you’ll ever truly find it.

Maybe you’re the girl who has always cared too much, putting everyone else’s heart before her own.
And maybe, for once, you need to stop apologizing for that.

i. My first love taught me it’s okay to let people in. There are people around you who love you and want you to succeed, so don’t push them away because that’s not the way you should go through life.

ii. My first love taught me the truth ALWAYS reveals itself. There is no right way to confess to mistakes. It’s better to come clean then to let them find out through other sources. I promise you that you lying will hurt them more than what you actually did.

iii. My first love taught me that love must come from within. He understood that before I could love him I had to love myself first.

iv. My first love taught me that things don’t always work out. You may love someone so much, but sometimes that’s not enough to keep them from leaving. When somebody already has their heart set on something, there’s no changing it.

v. My first love taught me that there is happiness and good days after heartbreak and hellish ones. However, this only applies when you have faith. If you walk through life not wanting or accepting good days, then don’t expect them to happen.

My first love taught me a lot, but I taught myself the most important thing about life. True happiness, comes from yourself. To find complete fulfillment you must do things that make you happy. Never just go through the motions, but instead, find something that makes you happy, and hold onto it. See it through. No matter what you think, people are temporary, so if you find something you love to do, you’re already halfway there.

—  S.C.