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  • ji dwi: would you two stop fighting?
  • ban ryu: we are not fighting. we are having a creative discussion.
  • soo ho: we are too fighting!
  • ban ryu: creative discussion.
  • soo ho: fight!
  • ban ryu: discussion!
  • soo ho: fight!
  • ban ryu: discussion!
  • sun woo: i can't believe you're actually having a fight about if you're having a fight!
Polaris ReTURN Part 2

Hi everyone :)

This is a continuation from part 1. For those who missed it here it is https://mistress-lorna-dane.tumblr.com/post/163698483955/polaris-return

First and foremost I’d like to point out this cover is tribute to Jim Steranko where Lorna was first introduced as the Queen of Mutants as well as where Marvel boldly declares Lorna to be Magneto’s daughter. Along with Steranko’s artwork, this issue also features the first appearance of the modern X-Men logo. But look at this new cover by Arthur Adams, wow. Isn’t amazing? So here are my thoughts of the X-Men Blue #9 :)

Oh My God I don’t even know where to start. So many things I would like to point out. Let me begin by saying resurgence has all the ingredients for a spectacular Lorna Dane. After she was last seen in Magneto book (2015), had a cameo in Uncanny X-Men (2016), finally here she is in X-Men Blue (2017). Oh My, if only you can see my face :)

I’m gonna bring some stuff I mentioned from part 1 of X-Men #8 (I posted a link above for those who didn’t read) where I was right about everything.

Let’s go to the X-Men Blue page, where Marvel is giving a short detail from previously issue #8.

I believe I clearly expressed before that Polaris was going to continue to be introduced as Magneto’s daughter because she IS the daughter of one of the most powerful and recognizable mutants. I also believe I mentioned that Marvel wants new readers to know Polaris is Magneto’s daughter (and Havok’s Ex-Girlfriend) whether we like it or not and there ain’t no going back in retconning Polaris’s parentage (I don’t think Marvel wants to make another mistake) like they did with the twins. Speaking of which…

((You has to admit this is funny, lol.))

And this is where the frustration led to people to scream. The frustration of their wishes because sadly the twins are no longer Magneto’s kids. That’s why “they” go along writing their frustration by downgrading Lorna everywhere she goes. The person can be absolutely pissed simply when a writer makes her what they don’t expect from her… an interesting, badass, strong character. Strange, because she has always been interesting and strong since her first appearance.

This is what I like about @cullenbunn. He has a good sense of humor where he can joke while simultaneously being honest. Magneto doesn’t have as many kids as he used to and this is coming from someone who has the ability to open up secret conversations and relay covert information. Jean’s telepathy (the power to mentally receive and/or transmit information) allows her to read the minds of others. She can read/sense another person’s thoughts, communicate with them mentally and/or affect their minds/thoughts as well to read the target’s memories. If Jean knew Lorna was Magneto’s daughter (and they have not met yet I think. Maybe off-panel), obviously she knows Magneto is not the father of the twins. Sadly but true and as she said, “it’s complicated” especially for the new readers. However, old fans are (I think) already getting used to it. It’s been almost 3 years since their retcon. Unfortunately that’s what the twins were to begin with, a retcon. I guess that make them the illegitimate children, poor bastards, lol. At least Peter David explained the true history of Polaris’s parentage in the pages of X-Factor and it was quite brilliant. It left her as the daughter of Magneto while also tying in all the swerves along the way.

PS: Remember when I stated the big event is yet to come where we will further see her description as Lorna Dane aka Polaris aka Mistress of Magnetism and yes… the daughter of Magneto (above and below panels).

Daddy’s little Mistress of Magnetism” So, her description was not only on text but on subtext as well. Remember Jean told Jimmy “That’s Polaris! Magneto’s daughter!” and here “Mistress of Magnetism”. Oh and Havok called her “Lorna”.

So, if you’re a new reader, you got everything you need to know about who she is. Further more you will learn and see a lot more about the beautiful green haired :)

Important note: See this panel here

Polaris: “You Always Thought… Between Magneto And Me…I Was The Weakest. But You’re Going To Want To Rethink That.” Another badass quote, YAAASSS. I’m surprised no one mentioned anything about this badass quote (I will discuss about this at some point). Here is the proof that Lorna was always stronger than her father (I knew it all along). Probably even stronger than anybody else. Think about it… if Magneto beats the whole team combined, that says enough about his daughter (well, she did it as Malice, (without being distracted of course) food for thought).

Another thing to point out. If you’re a fan of Peter David’s last run on All New X-Factor (myself included) you will be happy with the re-emergence of two X-Men women from that last volume.

Polaris and Danger, YAAAASSSS! What do you think of their return? Some big developments are on our way and some more interactions. Peter David did great with them in his run of All New X-Factor. I love how Lorna, Wanda, and Danger interacted. It was more like a girls night out. They were (except Danger of course) drinking, eating, and having a good time (Who remembers when Polaris ripped Danger’s body apart? lol).

So without further digression, let’s go back to the Character INTERACTIONS.

And when I say I mean it… I mean it :P

Lorna Dane steps in to help the young X-Men. It’s the battle of EX ’S Havoc vs Polaris. Here we have essentially a dualistic principle, which, though it can largely be accounted for by the interaction of the couple that were (or still) in love with each other. Their interactions weren’t what she’d generally considered normal, but she was able to see the moment fate warned her of, when Havok decided to attack her. I believe I mentioned that their “oh baby I love you, I need you, I want you” was not what this story was about, lol. This is one of the biggest moments ever. Seeing these 2 facing each other and believing in 2 different causes. A couple we have known forever.

Additionally, we will at some point in the not-too-distant future have enough understanding of the complex interactions between Lorna and Havok and same with her father. You better believe it’s coming. Let’s face it. It’s the dynamic interaction between the characters that makes this story so great. Polaris and Havok are among some of the elder statesmen of the Marvel Universe. Before the New Mutants were new, they had already logged considerable battle time. Even after all their accomplishments, are still mostly identified by their relationships to other, better known individuals, and because of that, they are famous. Sometimes romance is important to have in stories. Despite being in relationship, both have been the protagonist and antagonist and played many interesting roles together.

Past Interactions:

Havok and Polaris (Magneto’s daughter) are an item in the comics. This is a couple known as… Forever Glue. For 4 decades, Polavok have been the protagonist in every superhero team they ever led. They have been so fascinating. Their relationship worked well for both characters when Peter David was writing X-Factor (now we have Cullen Bunn who is one of the best writers from this new era). For a long time Lorna and Alex served in 3 different incarnations as leaders of X-Factor while Lorna served 4 (she was also the leader of the Marauders so that’ll make 5 for her). They were also the leaders and the first Incarnation of the new Starjammers (6) and both achieved their goals and both served a purpose in the story. I always really liked this aspect of the ex couples backstories/personalities. I don’t see where the problem is with them interacting when both were the main characters in many superhero teams. Their interaction helps develop the characters and the story’s conflict. Let’s be honest. The conflict between the protagonist and antagonist is what hooks our interest, creates suspense, and drives the plot of most stories and this is what we’re seeing here right now with Lorna and Alex, with his or her own fear or worry or the need to make a decision. How interesting and important interaction is. It is one of the reasons why Chris Claremont made Polaris an antagonist while as Malice and made her the new leader of the Marauders to go against the X-Men. Lorna has been both protagonist and antagonist. I don’t recall Polaris ever being a subordinate character. At least not in many stories.

Anyway, the protagonist in the story is usually a dynamic character. This is a character who changes in an important way throughout the story. By the end of the story this character has gained a new understanding, made an important decision, or taken a crucial action. These characters are capable of growing, learning, and changing. Lorna has been through a lot of changes and growth and we learned a lot through her entire carrier with or without Havok or Magneto. Lorna was not just a wallpaper for Magneto or Havok. It certainly helps that her magnetic abilities make her a powerful mutant. She is the Mistress of Magnetism. She’s a pretty great strong character who doesn’t need a man to tell her what to do. She’s nobody’s property but her own, but Claremont knew Havok works best when he and Polaris are a duo. As if Havok without Polaris wasn’t interesting enough. One can’t deny the possibility, any more than one can be quite certain that these couple was meant to be (in Claremont’s mind). Perhaps some felt nostalgia for the warmth of their past (after 43 years someone has to).

One last thing which is very important to me.

I know for a fact that I mentioned Lorna might become the leader of the 05. It turned out that Lorna is their new teacher (or leader… same thing) together with Briar and Danger. Knowing Lorna is Magneto’s daughter, she’s probably the principle. Wow, but look at her, such badass. The fact that we’re gonna get to see new interactions between the young 05 and Lorna intrigues me.

It seems that Cullen Bunn has taken her characterization to the next level. It’s pretty obvious Bunn’s interest is toward Lorna and not Havok, lol. What a strong character Lorna has become. As a strong character who has overcome numerous difficulties, and thus became even stronger. I like the way Lorna forced Jean and Jimmy to go help the others while simultaneously fighting (or holding back) Havok. Her concentration broken in the midst of battle, nevertheless, she persisted. This is the Lorna I can identify with all the time. Lorna is a dynamic character because she changes from a shy, “weak” girl into a strong, confident woman. I love nothing better than new challenges. She’s a born leader (just like her father), competent, energetic and responsible… just like in every team she has ever been. Lorna’s progression has come a long way.

The overall effect is impressive. She’s a badass, she looks good, she’s apparently going to be their teacher, along with Danger. She’s gonna try to get Havok back on her side (aside from being inverted, I assume Emma has some kind psychic hold on him) because he’s on the wrong side. She’s working with her father, who is (kinda) working with Cap, who is working with Hydra. I’m thinking Magneto has his own motivations that have nothing to do with Cap. Cullen escalated the questions. I pointed out the benefits/importance of the issue but I recommend to everyone to read it. This was truly an amazing read to me and I’m sure to many others out there as well. The art was absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait for the next issue. I’m sure many of you did enjoy it because I really did and ended up jumping, clapping, smiling, and crying for joy because seeing Lorna’s RETURN was more than I could ask for :)

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do you think stefan and elena are twin flames? why or why not :)

Well these are the characterizations of “twin flames” that I’ve come across:

A twin flame relationship allows the union of the twin flames, or twin flame reunion, on the earthly plane. Before being born, each soul will have given each other clues, signs and signals so they recognize each other before meeting on Earth. Upon meeting this soul in its earthly incarnation, each twin will experience something similar to a deja-vu moment, a cosmic pause, a sense of recognition or a jolt to the soul that snaps them awake.

This is why there is a destiny involved in the meeting of your twin flame on the earthly plane.

The twin flame relationship is the deepest romantic connection on the planet but this is not the sole purpose of the twin flame relationship, contrary to popular belief. The twin flame connection is about bringing something positive to the world by working together through your divine union.

Sex with a twin flame can be  mind-blowing

but it is important to consider the physical side of your relationship is not as important as the spiritual overtones.

Yes, we realize sex can be a spiritual experience, but this is not what we are talking about. If you find that sex is the greatest component of your relationship, chances are it is not a twin flame partnership, but a sulfate. Since twin flames can be advanced souls who incarnated into two different bodies, you can bet sex is not the most important thing to them.

When twins reunite, both of them experience an acceleration of their spiritual growth and awakening. They get on the fast track of learning about esoteric wisdom and experiencing other states of consciousness. They usually haven’t been together all that often during their series of lives on the planet, and so their backgrounds may be different. Yet, there is a closeness and similarities of spirit that are almost uncanny, noticed in many ways, such as looking back at yourself when you look at your mate, and a remembering of the distant past when you first split up. Guidance is strong with these relationships, and usually one or both have a good channel for communication with Spirit. Their connection is telepathic:

and hugging each other is like coming home for nourishment.

Nina: With Stefan, whenever he’s around she’s just, it’s almost like she melts into his arms and she feels somewhat relieved. (source)

Even the quotes about SE discuss and emphasize connection and they’re spoken of cosmically:

Nina: Elena at first meets Stefan and she can’t explain what is exactly that draws her to him but there’s something mysterious and interesting and they have this connection and this bond, and they’re drawn to each other they just can’t help it. (source)

Nina: Elena’s in love with Stefan. And she really was not searching, but it sort of came to her. He’s like this spirit, this person, this thing that fills the emptiness and the loss in her life. (source)

Paul: “I can’t see Stefan ever having other romantic relationships”.
“I think Stefan went out and experienced every single possible life and in the end, with everything he learned, he came back to the root of it, which is that he wants to be a good man and he wants to find pure, real love. The rest of it doesn’t matter.” (source)

Nina: I’d have to say that their loves come from two very different places. Elena loves Stefan because she feels a deep connection with him that surpasses all the common emotions of high school life. Katherine loves Stefan because her history with him ties back further than most mortals could ever understand. And it’s like a game of cat and mouse. He’s playing hard to get. It’s exciting for her. (source)

Nina (about the closet scene in 3×03): That was definitely a very intense scene, especially because, for the past two years, Paul and I have been working together so closely almost every day. Towards the beginning of the season, we had absolutely no scenes together, so that was actually one of the first scenes where we were working together again. It was such a weird dynamic, and when we locked eyes it really felt like we were locking eyes for the first time. But nothing was said, everything’s in the looks, and the feeling, the tension was built up so much and it was palpable, you can feel the love, the fear, the anxiety, the memories and the history between the two… (source)

Nina: Stefan feeds Elena’s soul. (source)

Nina: There’s a different connection you have with different people, and I think that Elena had a certain connection with Stefan that was very profound. (source)

Nina: It’s this cosmic connection you have with someone that you’ve spent so much time with and I don’t know if that will go away. (source)

“The beautiful thing about Elena is that she is so dialed into Stefan,” Somerhalder says. “She and Stefan particularly have this bond, and we later figure out in the mythology of the story why that is. But her having this feeling is genuine.” (source)

So yes, I do believe that Stefan and Elena are twin flames.

Gansey had once told Adam that he was afraid most people didn’t know how to handle Ronan. What he meant by this was that he was worried that one day someone would fall on Ronan and cut themselves.

The Raven Boys, Maggie Stiefvater

I know that this is in reference to Ronan being constantly described as lethally sharp both physically and in personality. But, for some reason, “fall on” reminds me of the phrase “falling in love.” This makes me wonder if perhaps Adam also believes a person who fell for Ronan would ultimately be hurt by him. Maybe there’s some foreshadowing of Adam being the one to “fall for/on” Ronan? Or maybe it hints that Adam has been thinking about Ronan and love subconsciously?

It’s just that “fall on” is kind of a weird phrase to use here. The hypothetical people go from “handling” Ronan, which is more active and manipulative, to one person “falling on” Ronan, which is more passive and suggests that the person didn’t mean to do it. When somebody falls, it’s not usually something that’s controlled. Kinda like falling in love.

Or maybe, since Adam is paraphrasing Gansey in the first sentence, the passage reflects the different relationships they have to Ronan. Gansey is often seen as the only one who can control Ronan, so he “handles” Ronan. On the other hand, Adam’s relationship with Ronan is much more fluid; they go from snapping at each other to saving each other. Their relationship isn’t something either really controls, falling and being fallen upon without much say in the matter. And maybe deep down Adam worries that one day his relationship with Ronan will end up hurting him.  

No you guys listen up

I was watching a panel that the game grumps did and there was a question that a guy was like “I’m an aspiring editor and I wanted to know if you knew how to make it into the industry Barry” and Barry just shrugs and tells him that he fell into the industry

When the question was answered, Danny cut in and said, “dude, don’t say you’re an aspiring editor. If you do that shit every day of your life non-stop, you are an editor. Don’t aspire, be it.”

And ya know that really stuck with me these past couple of days. I always introduce myself as an aspiring author, yet, I write and create every single day. I’m not an aspiring author; I’m a fucking author. I write every day and put my whole heart and soul into it.

If you, young souls, say that you’re an aspiring creator, and you put your heart and soul into that said thing you do, you aren’t aspiring. You’re being.

Tl;dr don’t aspire, just fucking be it.

What feels right

In an interview with Seth Rudetsky aired on Aug 7, 2017 (x), Darren said:

“If all acting is an exercise in empathy, you know, villains don’t know they’re villains, heroes don’t know they’re heroes, they’re just people doing what they believe to be right at the time.”

This actually reminds me of another quote from the letter Darren wrote to his fans on March 8, 2017 (x):

“With anything, all I can do is what feels right, what feels good and what feels genuine - and hope that you’re up for the ride.”

What is the same in these two quotes? Both quotes discuss about doing what is believed to be right or what feels right (at the time). And what is different about these two quotes? In the letter to fans, Darren is talking about what he is doing himself. In the interview with Seth, he is talking about people in general. Note also what Darren is doing in the quote from the interview. He is blurring the lines of who is a hero and who is a villain. He is also showing how it is a matter of perception.

I won’t put words in Darren’s mouth or thoughts in his head, because I can’t. However, I think this shows how he is concerned of how he is or will be perceived due to the things he has done, he is doing and he will do. I think he has been doing what he believes or feels to be right at the time. (A good thing to remember here that this is also a matter of the perception, as there is no single everlasting right.) I think he is afraid of whether he will be considered a hero or a villain based on that, especially when he is navigating his way out from this.

This feels like a plea not to be judged on his actions. In showing empathy to others, he is asking it for himself too. To whom he is making the plea, I won’t go into it.

19th September 1969 | David Wigg interviews Paul McCartney at the Apple offices in London, one day before John Lennon announced he was quitting. Their discussion would air a few days later on the BBC Radio-One program ‘Scene and Heard’

David: “Paul, what about the future of Beatles? I happen to know that the organizers of the Isle Of Wight pop festival are going to ask you and the rest of Beatles if you will top the bill next year at the Isle Of Wight. Now, what’s your reaction to a thing like that? Are you likely to go back on stage and perhaps do a show like that?”
Paul: “I don’t know, you know.”
David: “Does it appeal?”
Paul: “I’ve never known. I didn’t know when we were playing the Cavern that we’d be on the Royal Variety Performance. And after that all the papers said, “Well, what’s left for them”. So then we went to America. They said, “What’s left for ‘em’ then”, you know and we got into making better albums and stuff. I mean, I just don’t know what’s gonna happen, it’ll be alright though.”

If Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters had tumblrs

Amy: she’ll definitely have a studyblr no one else is that excited about binders. expert at taking aesthetic photos of 10 highlighters and a piece of paper. bullet journal photos all day everyday. owns 26 different types of pens

Jake: made a blog 4 years ago, forgot about it 2 days later and hasn’t opened it since. prolly one of those infuriating blogs that has the url you wanted and is not worthy of it

Gina: cat gifs, pastel, and classic tumblr edits all the way you just fucking know it. the blogs that produce the sassiest posts on this website. has no time for your bullshit, will kill you with sarcasm

Rosa: angsty teen. shut up it’s not just a phase mom. cries when welcome to the black parade plays. e d g y rebel child. def 2cool4u. has a p!atd shrine. #1 tyler joseph trash

Boyle: definitely food blog. a e s t h e t i c as fuck. dishes that require 93 steps and ingredients from the north pole. spent a month making the theme because it has to be perfect. side blog with the kinkiest shit ever ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Terry: fitness blogger. workout photos that make you sad about your own life. smoothie bowls and yoghurt and chia seeds and protein drinks; the c utest motivational posts ever. literally the nicest person ever he is the Mother Hen™

Holt: hipster as fuck. too serious about the aesthetic. reblogs 2 line poems and deep quotes. gets into discussions about Bukowski with 15 year olds. casually slays all the bigots. secret bts side blog

Hitchcock and Scully: still stuck on MySpace tbh


You can’t rebuild a friendship by ignoring what has destroyed it.

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I was trying to think of headcanons for the sexuality of all of the characters of JR and SIH and thought I would ask your guys your opinions since you all know your shit about these shows. If you feel like it! Just for fun!

Sekaiichi and YNB

Yokozawa- gay af. He tried dating women, but never felt any sort of spark for them…..

Kirishima- pan. He had a wife, and then fell in love with Yokozawa. But I think it’s more than being ‘bi’. I think he just fell in love with Yokozawa as Yokozawa and it wouldn’t have mattered if he was a man or woman.

Hiyori- I mean, she’s shown no interest yet so aro? But that’s also heavily influenced by b being protective as shit so it’s v biased. 

Isaka- Bi

Asahina- Gay

Onodera- gay man. He tried dating some girls, I think (he did something, he can kiss with an open mouth now) but he really has his deep feelings for males.

Takano- bisexual and homoromantic. He slept around a lot when he was depressed, but never was romantically involved with them.

Kisa- Was there ever a doubt?

Yukina- this boy is gay af. he had no interest in all the women around him and then Kisa pops up and he’s all up for it

Chiaki Yoshino- demiromantic? bisexual? yeah.

Hatori- This man is a gay man. He had a crush on Chiaki for like YEARS. Also, the reason he became an editor was ‘cause he wanted to be with Chiaki. 

Yuu Yanase- hella gay


Usagi- gay. Canonically he had a small stint with a male adult, and that awakened his sexuality. He never veered off since then. I would even wager a guess that he has never had sex with a woman.

Misaki- gay as well. I mean, we only have seen him around Usagi, and we don’t know much about his past, so this one could change as Misaki discovers more about himself.

Nowaki- ‘Tis man be a pan man

Hiroki- GAY… just…so fucking gay.

Miyagi- bi

Shinobu- ??? I mean, I don’t think even he knows. He kinda just wants what he wants.

Ijuuin- probs bi

Sumi- gay once again

Haruhiko- gray aro, aceholesexual(thank mod b for that)



“There is no evidence that Hogwarts encourages divergent thinking, except perhaps in Lupin’s DADA classes. It’s almost as if being able to do magic and living in a magical world have stunned divergent thinking. Hogwarts seems to reinforce this curb on divergent thinking, encouraging students to approach problems in a particular way - the way that the teacher specifies. (…)

Except for the Weasley twins, few of Harry’s fellow students at Hogwarts who were born in the wizarding world show evidence of creativity and problem-solving ability. One wonders whether Mr. Weasley’s fascination with Muggle inventions inspired the twins with their ingenious products. Yet, teachers generally ignore or scold the Weasley twins for experimenting and creating new magical objects. (…)

Obviously, children raised in the magical world are exposed to different environments - and thus have different experiences - than those raised in the Muggle world. Are those wizards who are raised in the Muggle world (until age 11) more creative and better problem solvers? Do the challenges of living in the Muggle world help create individuals who possess more of the qualities integral to effective problem solving? I propose that the answer to these questions is "yes”: this is what makes Harry and Hermione particularly good at figuring out ways to combat Voldemort and the Death Eaters, and what makes Voldemort the powerful wizard he is. (…)

What must it be like to live in a society where the workings of the world feel truly magical? It’s as if citizens remain toddlers in their understanding of how things work (“If I say this spell, then that will happen”). It comes as no surprise then that when bad things happen, those in the wizarding world don’t feel as if they have any control over events. To influence events, they can only use the limited number of existing magical spells and potions available to them from their education; they aren’t able to create new ones or to combine what they already know in effective ways. And when they exhaust their repertoire, there’s nothing left.“

– R. Rosenberg, Ph. D., "What Do Students Learn From Hogwarts Classes”, The Psychology Of Harry Potter, pp. 5-17

There is only one plot: things are not what they seem.
—  Jim Thompson
Peeta’s argument is that since I chose you, I now owe him. Anything he wants. And what he wants is the chance to go in and protect you.

Haymitch, Catching Fire

I don’t really understand how people can say that Peeta manipulated Katniss for his own gain. If he was truly using her, he could have killed her in the first Games or not volunteered to protect her in the second one. He could have just let her go in with Haymitch and let them figure it out themselves.

What I think people fail to understand when reading SC’s books, is that she was using these books as a vehicle to portray war, the effects it has on humanity and the ability to overcome it. If we look at it from that perspective, we see these characters as more than just two guys and a girl. 

Katniss being the protagonist and symbol for change. 

The men in her life representing the two methods to change:

Peeta being the innate good in humanity and hope that spurs us on to live.

Gale being the self-destruction in humanity and our ability to hate one another.

We get to see the different effects of each method and its consequences throughout the book. When we choose Everlark, we choose hope, the promise that life can go on, that things can be good again. 

I think I was three, and I think it comes from watching Doctor Who, which is absurdly prescient. I know I was three because it was watching Jon Pertwee regenerate into Tom Baker. Now I remember seeing it happen, and I checked the dates and I can only have been three. Now if there was a repeat maybe, I was four, but I’m still weirdly young, and now having children at that age I’m going, is stuff like that going on in your head now?? It’s amazing to think that I had such a presumptuous thought.
—  David Tennant, SAG Talk, about when he decided he wanted to be an actor.
FYI: “Evolving Relationship”

was said in reference to Sherlock and Mycroft’s relationship in the series in the Hall H panel. The context of the questions were all about Mycroft’s role in S4 and his relationship with Sherlock. There is a lot of great TJLC content out there from this past weekend, (watch Ben’s one-on-one!) but I’ve seen a lot of people conflating this quote with johnlock, and I think that misattributing quotes weakens the TJLC platform.