quotes about determination

“Ever tried, ever failed. No matter. Try again, fail again. Fail better.” 

In which Hux helps Kylo find his feet again after a series of failed missions. 

Naruto Gaiden: Sarada Uchiha Theory

SO Basically Sarada knows NOTHING about the pros of being an uchiha, 

Now look the close up to her eyes..

Especially in the last panel, Look how blurried her eyesight looks,We all know Sarada has problems with her Eyesight, she wears glasses because she sees blurry otherwise

Does this remind you of something?
Let me Enlight you:

First of All , Sasuke vs Naruto 5 ; They are both fighting, Sasuke is about to hit naruto but his eyessight got weakened and turned blurry and naruto got a chance to hit him because of this.


Now After they finish fighting and stop because they are weakened laying in the floor

Specially THIS ONE NEXT, after sasuke admits being defeated laying weak in the floor

Still Cant See it? HERE lemme help you:

So I also found another Manga scans in which Sasukes eyes are weakened and he sees blurry Example after the fight with Danzo

He sees blurry because his eyesight is weakened which leads him to having to change to itachis eyes, because his eyes were going blind and blurry.
Imagine if he hadnt had Itachis eyes, he would have remained with blurry eyesight, which would have led to sasuke using glasses eventually or going totally blind if not.

Now i did some research and i found this exact same eye effect in the fight with Itachi , when He (itachi) was weakened you can notice the similar details but with another eye colour (though we all know itachi by this point was almost blind which explains the white colour)

We know itachi went totally blind for using his sharingan a lot, but we also know he had some Unknown desease, but its a fact that this eye effect is used to show weakened eyesight

Another Fact is that a Full uchiha blood have strong eyesight genes in order to be able to use the sharingan  because it consumes a lot of power and puts a lot of pressure under the eyes , so if we compare this to sarada being a Half uchiha (hybrid) , this explain her eyesight problems, her body is having a hard time because she does not all have all the genes needed. even itachi that was a Full blood was suffering and having a hard time imagine a half blood.

Which led me to the conclusion, what if , Sarada has the same condition as Itachi , we dont know if the eyesight problem came along with the spitting blood desease, But ,In my Opinion, I would Like to think that Sasuke is searching for a cure for this or any clue to help his daugther, i also like to add, that sakura is Hiding things from sarada, Specially not telling her about what being an uchiha means( Chouchous reference quote) also being determinated about sasukes mission and not even hesitating or feeling sad, i think they (sasuke and sakura) dont want to pain her and complicate the issue she already has with her eyesight by explaining her everything and they’ve been meeting in secret, while sakura has kept this from her, along with the uchiha story,also i think Sakura is Healing sarada in secret (maybe when she sleeps) that would explain why is she constantly Fainting and her lack of chackra.

Anyway thats my theory,I hope you guys like it ,I respect other theories, and also i would like to remind you all that kishi is the biggest troll in earth so dont get your hopes high ( SK ) , and just remember kishimoto already stated that Sakura and Sasuke are canon and Sarada is their daugther and Theres reason in her glasses, maybe hes just doing all this to brush off all the theories of saradas real mother and the glasses issue.
Tho Im not a big SS shipper, (in fact i dont really care about shipping wars) Im okay with them, same with other couples ,but I do aknowledge canon material ,so i just wanted to share my opinion of this New manga chapter, Lemme know your theories in my ask!

PS: Hate Messages will get ignored and deleted & Sorry for my grammar mistakes , english is not my main language.