quotes about criticism

  • Liam: I pull Scanlan aside,
  • Vax: Listen, I wanna talk to you. I have an idea-
  • Scanlan, hopeful: Is this about Kaylee?
  • Vax, caught off guard: -aaauuuuuuhhhhhhhhh..
  • Scanlan: Because I'm still worried about her...
  • Vax, still confused: Um-
  • Scanlan, suddenly wary: But I don't think that we should discuss her right now.
  • Vax, growing exasperated: N-
  • Scanlan, impatient: We have other things.
  • Vax, still trying: W-
  • Scanlan, defensively: Why are you harping on me?
  • Vax, finally: We want to make sure that yo-
  • Scanlan interrupts: She's my daughter.
  • Vax, after a beat of silence: Um..
  • Scanlan, firmly: Just give it a rest.
Being or becoming an animal—or an insect—in Kafka’s works is a highly specific affair and involves a process whereby a creature’s humanity, for lack of a better word, tends to be augmented and accented…What Kafka wished to express through his insect and the rest of his animal menagerie was that modern life and language carried their own bars—and ones not easily pulled down. The ape of “A Report to the Academy,” the beetle of The Metamorphosis, the mice of “Josephine the Singer,” the dog of “The Investigations of a Dog,” and the other enigmatic creatures in Kafka’s works, all express a longing for “a free and natural life.”
—  Kafka’s Reality and Nabokov’s Fantasy:
On dwarves, saints, beetles, symbolism, and genius,
by Leland De La Durantaye

I just can’t stop thinking about this. 

Vex knew she liked Percy(and Percy knew he liked Vex) for

  • The Rimefang fight(when Percy got knocked unconscious and Vex proceeded to unleash three kinds of hell on said dragon)
  •  “Oh we are so involved in this”
  • “Percival, how do you feel?” “…Cruel”
  • “Darling, take the mask off”
  • “Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, you will fight this evil inside you”
  • Trinket getting the HDYWTDT on Orthax
  • The Thing with the Raven Queen(ugh my HEART)
  • The Siege Arrow apology gift for The Thing with the Raven Queen
  • “Never forget you’re my favorite”
  • “I’ve known a lot of people with money and they are definitely not worth you”
  • Vex’s title aka Percy with the Biggest Mic Drop On The Show Thus Far(SUCK IT SYLDOR)
  • and so many other little moments between them the list is probably as long as my arm.

Lowkey considering changing my bio to “if your argument starts with any variation on ‘it’s just fiction, so it doesnt matter’ please just save us both some time and don’t talk to me, because nothing you say after that will be anything I agree with”

I realized in the last fight, when we were fighting against the fire giant general and the fucking wizard that took control of her, the minute it came down to it she turned around, she was like “fuck you!” and just, like, shot him in the head. And I was like, ‘ah, Vex, what are you doing?’ And I thought about it afterwards, I was up all night going 'you didn’t fulfill the thing you’ve been trying to!’ But I guess that’s human nature––half-elf nature, or whatever––you don’t, you don’t–– you try, you know what you want, but it’s a struggle, it’s a process… But she did think about it afterwards and she was definitely upset she didn’t fulfill what she was after.
—  Laura Bailey, talking about Vex’s struggle to forgive and grow on Talks Machina

Quote Swap (Emma Swan, Once Upon a Time): You want people to look at you differently? Make them. You want to change things, you’re gonna have to go out there and change them yourself.

You can’t divine the sad out of alcohol.
—  Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, presented without comment (Critical Role: Episode 38 - “Echoes of the Past”)

It slips into your consciousness like silence between two people. You never really know what it means until it’s staring you in the face; glaring at you between the white veins, in the reflection of the black ink. Perhaps not even then because it’s a bit of a blindspot – you simply cannot see it if you’re looking directly at it, when you go looking for it. It’s a bedbug in your bed of writing, that single moment when your heart stopped beating between your words…

It won’t be till eons later when you realize the words don’t fall into place anymore, like they used to. Subtext no longer manoeuvres in and out of your poetry or prose like a Vietnamese Waltz, with ease and class and rapture. It’s a stumbling drunk in broad daylight – too obvious to be subtext. A clumsy screw up, maybe, but not subtext.

The worst phase, the Stage 4 Cancer of it all, will be the detachment, the disassociation. The words that once flowed from the IV hooked up to your soul will seem abstract and abject, even wholly impersonal and lacking personality. They’re:
A dying wish in the distance, blurred stars for lights; the lingering notes of a flute at the end of symphony, ghosting around as widowed echoes in the concert hall; the majestic rooster-tail behind a motorcycle in a flood, quickly diminishing to mere ripples; the swirling descent of autumn leaves, making an ultimate sacrifice of itself to champion the greater life; the last goodbye by a crestfallen expression, surrendered against a fogged-up window – all the forces of nature amalgamating into one plea to reach out and grasp life with passion.

But you – the weakened niche of spirit – you know one thing and one thing alone: Apathy. All else is sucked into a black hole of existence.

—  Words, by Nothingness
Quick mini rant on the whole Kim K - naked selfie hate.

Look, I’m not a Kim fan, but at the same time all the criticism she gets drives me up the wall because so much of it isn’t actually legit criticism, it’s just misogynistic crap? Like I’m happy to accept legit criticism of her (anti-blackness?) but literally all I’m seeing is slut shaming. And FYI she totally isn’t a slut? (imaginary word anyway) People like to say “OMG she is only famous because of her sex tape” and all I can think is - do you even realise what you’re saying? Do you think about anything before you speak?

I mean think about this. She made a sextape with somebody she loved and was in a long term relationship with - and that person betrayed her and released it to the public. Can you imagine how absolutely mortifying that is? I would want to die. And don’t come to me and say “you shouldn’t make sex tapes if you don’t want them to be released” because I know you guys, and some of you are NASTY. And that’s totally fine, what two consenting adults do behind closed doors is none of my beeswax. But if one of those consenting adults betrays the other one - they are a total crap bag. It’s not the person who was betrayed’s fault? And to turn that around, and own the fact that somebody betrayed your trust and utilise it to build yourself an empire… how many people could do that? I couldn’t. I’d be lying face down in my bedroom and would arrange for somebody to do all my errands outside the house and would never go on the internet again.

Counter argument - you say “she wanted it be released, she wanted the fame.” Okay, say she did. Plenty of people do that for money - it’s a form of sex work? Do you think all sex workers - prostitutes, porn actresses, cam workers etc are worthy of zero respect? Cause let me tell you - they totally deserve respect. What, you all think you can lap up porn like some guilt free angels and condemn those that make it? It is a service that 99% of you crave so you better get off your high horse and acknowledge it as a form of work and realise they are selling a service not themselves? When you get a massage you are receiving a service from that person you don’t own their arms for half an hour.

And honestly, every time I see “She’s a mother she should have some self respect” I want to die. Oh I’m sorry, once you become a mother do you revoke all rights to sexuality? You are now just a milk producing sack of pulp who will never feel pleasure or confidence in your body ever again. It’s not for you; your sole purpose is to please others now. Sorry. Learn to knit.

I can’t believe I have to look at so much boring photography from male photographers who photograph women naked for the male gaze because it’s so edgy and artistic but god forbid women actually control some imagery of their bodies and embrace themselves. Apparently you can only be remotely attractive if you deny it and are completely at the mercy of the viewer? No self confidence for you, that’s the devils work. I mean, there is even a John Berger quote (art critic) about this: “You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and you called the painting “Vanity,” thus morally condemning the woman whose nakedness you had depicted for you own pleasure.” Women can control their own imagery; there is no crime to portraying yourself how you want.

And then, if you say, “this is instagram, not art”, I’m sorry, It is art buddy, it’s a form of art. Welcome to the modern world. You don’t think Frida Kahlo or Van Gogh would have taken selfies?! They sat down and painted themselves, that’s so much more fucking work. I mean people sat down and had portraits painted of them. This is the modern equivalent. I mean good god open your mind to progress. It’s a way to present the way you see yourself, through your eyes, free from the manipulation or projected ideals of another.

 Also, finally, she is a person. You know, like we are people? With emotions and feelings and desires. You’re not stripped of those because you’re in the public eye. Tearing down other people for, let’s face it, purely misogynistic reasons says a lot more about you than the other person. Stop projecting.

Listen carefully to first criticisms made of your work. Note just what it is about your work that critics don’t like - then cultivate it. That’s the only part of your work that’s individual and worth keeping.
—  Jean Cocteau