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And [Glee] really was what it got credit for being, in that it did things that don’t happen enough: it was a show where an actress with Down Syndrome had a real role in which she got to be funny, and where Chris Colfer sang in the first season in a way nobody was singing on television, and where gender fluidity and grief and loss got to be real.
—  C'mon, ‘Glee’: Bring It Home (NPR)
[Glee] dealt with something that was revolutionary at the time, which was this young, gay, teenage love story on primetime TV,” he said. Seeing the show’s adolescent fans react to the story of Blaine (Criss) and Kurt (Chris Colfer), he said, “reminded me of who I was, as a young, confused teenager. It was a doorway for them to talk about things that aren’t easy to talk about.