quotes about breaking up and moving on

This can be a considerably difficult thing to do, especially if you truly care about the person. But at the end of the day, relationships take commitment from both parties. If they aren’t adding to you and your happiness, let go. 

The truth is that I’m afraid to dive into someone new. How can I not be? I’m still emptying my lungs from the last time I fell into someone’s waters and explored the depths of them. It’ll be years before I’m done wringing the wetness out of my hair, before I stop smelling the salt of their oceans on my skin. Learning someone new is frightening now. It’s not the adventure it was before. I’m no longer bitter for my heartbreak. My reluctance isn’t a decision I made with a sour mouth. I’m just exhausted by the idea of feeling for someone new. Of treading water with small talk and stories about our childhoods. When I think of him, I am afraid of sinking so deeply into someone again that I am lost to them. In that, I realize I am most afraid that I won’t sink at all. That I’ll always be treading water with anyone that isn’t him. That anyone after him will only know how to meet me at the surface.
—  pardis alia.
You give him the love you’ve been dying to receive. You give him the words you constructed and carefully crafted your whole life for yourself just to make him feel the warm breeze of your embrace. You give him the air left inside your lungs even if you know you cannot get enough of it beneath the crowded walls to support your own life. But that’s how you know you love someone—you give them everything you’ve always been dying to have.
—  an excerpt from my upcoming book, Cher Ami
Sometimes, when it feels like missing you will kill me, I have to look back at how many days have gone by that I’ve survived without you. Ive learned to expand my mind, laugh again, have fun, get out of bed,  seek adventure with other people, and to begin to focus on my major. I did all of this without you. I would’ve rather had you there with me, but you weren’t and I'm still breathing. Every time I wish you were experiencing something with me, or I think about what you would say if you were here, or I feel the loneliness creeping up and consuming me, I remind myself that I’ve survived that feeling many times and that it won’t kill me. It will hurt like hell, but it can’t defeat me.
—  e.m. // like hell
I used to dream about the day you’d reach out to me again. I didn’t think it’d ever actually happen and I definitely didn’t think I’d actually be over you when it did. But it did and I am and damn it feels good.
Falling in love is a choice made on feeling. We choose to act on the butterflies and comfort someone gives us. We choose whether or not we want to be devoted to that one person - or whether or not we choose to hurt them. That’s why when I hear people making excuses about cheating, I feel almost compelled to remind them that they made a choice. The same choice they made based on feeling with their partner, they made with their affair. At the end of the day, either you do or you don’t. Either you continue to choose to be loyal or you don’t.
—  Confessions of the Soul
there’s nothing poetic about crying yourself to sleep at 3 am because you know you’ll never be good enough.
—  depression is like a heavy weight on your chest you just can’t seem to push off.
I want him to think just once, he fucked up. He lost someone who cared for him and continuously cried over him months and months even after it ended. Who cared for him so deeply that she had to take a break from school because she could just barely get herself up and out of bed. However, he didn’t think twice about her. He continued getting up and smiling and laughing with his friends, not even glancing over or wondering for a second about how she was feeling. He continued to be selfish and move on, meanwhile she took the time and effort to forget about you, it took a lot. In the end, she was successful.
—  Time heals
They tell you moving on is easy, but moving on is actually one of the most difficult things to do. Getting over someone is a constant state of missing someone to wishing they didn’t exist, to loving them to hating them, to wanting them to never talk to you again to hoping and wishing they’d send you a text. It slowly gets easier as the distance between you two gets greater, but I don’t know if you can truly get over someone you once cared about. They will always have a part of your heart and be a part of who you were and who you are, but I promise one day you’ll realize you deserved to be loved not considered, you deserved to be fought for not given up on, you will see that person was a lesson not a rule. Just keep pushing forward.
—  Sincerely moving on // RK.
Oh honey, he’s not thinking about coming back. No matter how much you want him to think about crawling back into your arms, he isn’t. He is not up at four in the morning thinking about calling you. He isn’t up thinking about your bright smile, he isn’t thinking about how you put your hair behind your ear when you’re nervous, he isn’t thinking about how your eyes sparkle or your knees weaken when you look into his eyes. He is not the one doing anything about it. Maybe you need to move on and understand that he does not care that he broke your warm heart into millions of pieces.
—  he does not care.
Are you sure you want to go through with this? Because she will move on one day.
Sure, she’s going to miss you for a couple of months and wish you would come back, but once that passes you will be nothing but a bad dream she had.
Are you going to be ok - when she finds someone new? What about when she falls in love again? Imagine her saying ‘I love you’, with her puppy dog eyes, to someone who isn’t you. What about her kissing someone else after looking them in the eyes? Are you going to be okay with someone else kissing her forehead as she steps on her tippy toes? Imagine her getting naked for someone else and not just taking her clothes off, but the soul she let you look through.
If you’re okay with that, then sure let her go. If you just cringed reading that, I would rethink your decision.
—  Confessions of the Soul