quotes about breaking up

You know what I’ve learnt? That you don’t care. And you never did. Sure, you told me that I was your girl and that you loved me but you don’t ignore someone you care about. You don’t shut the door on them and lock it. All I can do is look through the keyhole into your life and watch you be happy. How can you be so happy without me?

I am unsure whether to tell you,
That I like you, that I want
To know everything about you,
I didn’t hear a word of what you said
Because I was too busy imagining
What your thoughts taste of and
How our hands could interlock

But I do not.
I let flames die.
Texts stop.
You cannot hurt me if I do not let you
In, past the walls I have built long ago
And have never lived without.
You are an amateur at what I
Have a PhD in.

—  A letter to something we never were // Harper Calloway
Falling in love is a choice made on feeling. We choose to act on the butterflies and comfort someone gives us. We choose whether or not we want to be devoted to that one person - or whether or not we choose to hurt them. That’s why when I hear people making excuses about cheating, I feel almost compelled to remind them that they made a choice. The same choice they made based on feeling with their partner, they made with their affair. At the end of the day, either you do or you don’t. Either you continue to choose to be loyal or you don’t.
—  Confessions of the Soul