quotes about books

To walk around inside a library and see all the books and take one out, at random, and read at the back of it… and just to be there in those rooms with all the books and all their stories…that’s heaven for me and makes me truly happy! It’s so soothing…
—  something I wrote years ago and it’s still very true, now more than ever with my work and everything, @the-librarian-geek
I hugged her goodnight but if only I knew it was a goodbye I would’ve held on tighter. Maybe then she wouldn’t be gone.
—  Maybe if I had kissed her more and told her that I loved her, she’d still be here. // ck.writes
Your voice is my favorite song
You face is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
But it was your personality that made me fall in love with you
Your eyes were my favorite color and the sound of your voice was the best tune. Slowly, little by little, everything about you became my favorite. Starting with those shining eyes.
—  L.C
| L I T T L E B Y L I T T L E|
What do you miss the most about him?”

“I’m not sure,” she whispered, looking down to the ground, “I’m not even sure if I do miss him. I miss the memories, and I miss talking to him and the way he made me feel. But I still don’t know if miss him, you know?”

—  am i supposed to miss him? | a.m