quotes about ben edlund

I did love–I love Ben. Ben is [sighs] he’s just such a mad, deliciously mad genius. I was in his–hanging out in his suite with him at Comic Con a few years ago and I’m trying to have a conversation with him. And it was so awesome. He would be–he was just–I’d be sitting on the couch and he’d say ‘Yeah, so anyway, I just think it would be really cool if we could create something that um–’ And then he’d walk into the other room and do something and come back and ‘–that would um–’ with a, y'know, two minute pause in between.

And his brain is just, it’s just this amazing sort of playground of imagination. Ben will sit–when he came up to set, when he was directing, or  when he was in the writers’ room–he was always–he’s always doodling, y'know, he’s an amazing cartoonist. He’s always doodling. And the doodles that he makes while you’re having a chat with him…While you think that you’re just having a conversation, he’s creating this amazing work of art that’s so much more amazing than anything I could create if I was focusing with a hundred percent of my energy.

So. Personally, I miss Ben. I loved some of his episodes. 'The French Mistake’ is my favorite; 'Everybody Hates Hitler’ is maybe my second favorite, I loved that episode too. Y'know.

And I did have a lot of conversations with Ben and Ben really kind of was–He would really think about the big issues, like really what is motivating Cass on a metaphysical level. What is the–what are the spiritual implications of what’s going on with this character. And he was really chewing on these gigantic questions that I don’t think most of us necessarily spend that much time on. So he’s a special gem, that Ben.

—  Misha Collins on Ben Edlund (Jibcon 2015)
To be fair, I did go to Ben last year, and I was like [gesturing] ‘Come, Ben!’ And Ben was like, 'I’m under contract! With Supernatural, how dare you poach from your own show.’ And he was right, and I backed away immediately. But, you know, I think Ben was looking for a new change and I, you know, the way, I mean, Ben is, y'know, Ben is Starsky to my Hutch. So I’m always more comfortable to be in a room that Ben is in, so I’m thrilled that he’s joined us. And as expected, he comes in the room and, like, day one, he is just pitching the wildest shit. And, uh, and I’m just–and I just smile. And the rest of my writers, who’ve never worked with him before, they all just kinda throw him a look like ’…Huh.’ And I was like, 'This is the guy!’
—  Eric Kripke (SDCC 2013)
Like Ben Edlund, the most talented writer I know. Yes, he pitches crazy stuff. But what people don’t realize is how disciplined he is with structure and character. And how, behind the scenes, he’s helped craft countless episodes. He makes all of us look better and smarter than we really are.
—  Eric Kripke, The Essential Supernatural: On The Road With Sam and Dean Winchester
…If I could get Ben in any of my houses at any point, I want Ben in my house. What a talent. And an amazing singer. Whaaat? Yeah. No actually, Ben is actually the guy that, there’s no other way to put this, we hate, because while he’s pitching great ideas for Angel he’s drawing really amazing drawings and just leaving them out on the table and then going into his office and playing guitar beautifully and singing, and we’re like, ‘Come on! Leave us something!’ That guy’s crazy. He is actually crazy, but in a talent way.
—  Joss Whedon about Ben Edlund (SDCC 2011)
The Tick lives IN Dr. Horrible. Ben Edlund was going to do the piece with us but had to drop out. “Bad Horse” was a character he’d pitched incessantly on “Angel” (“How could he make a radioactive device using only HOOVES?!?!?!?”) so I wanted that in, and the first thing Ben pitched for this was Moist. But he had to bail right at the beginning. Much sadness, as he’s also a great songwriter. (And has an amazing singing voice. On the serious. Get him to do an album.)
—  Joss Whedon (Washington Post Q&A 2008)