quotes about being short

Life is about the people we love, being with them, laughing and crying with them, being there for them. It’s about the memories we make both the good and the bad. Life is about living, struggling, loving, laughing, and being yourself and never changing. We only get one life why not live it the way we want.
—  Leohearts
I’m so sick of closing my eyes to feel alive.
—  these days when my eyes are open, all i do is stare
Tall people problems? I guess???

Short people that complain about being short always make it sound like tall people have no problems at all like??? Excuse me? Do you have to worry about the sleeves of your jacket being too short because your arms are too long for every jacket? Do you ever go to a store and you can’t find pants that fit and have the right length? Do you ever see a really pretty T-shirt/Dress but the biggest size they have is L so you get frustrated? Do people when they see you avoid you because you’re too “scary and tall”? Do people when they see you look up at you like you’ve just crawled out of hell? Tall people have problems as well, you know? But many people tend to forget that. I mean, have you ever stood in a shower and had to sit down because the shower head is too low? Have you ever hit your head on a doorframe that was smaller than average? I don’t think so.

do you smile and blush behind the screen
do you go to bed sighing from pure happiness after we speak
do you screenshot our best conversations to remember forever because they’re so perfect you’re scared you’ll lose them
do you secretly tell the truth everytime you’re sarcastic about being in love with me
i do