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Charlotte Brontë was bi, you know. Do you think a straight woman would write a line like “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me”? Get real, James. My three-year-old bi niece knows Charlotte Brontë was bi. So was Jane Eyre. So was Edward Rochester. So was Diana and Mary and their cottage. So was Adèle. So was Bertha Mason. Every character Charlotte Brontë wrote was bi. Except for St. John Rivers. St. John was straight. Go figure.

what kind of wlw are you based on taylor swift’s albums

taylor swift: small gay. probably dreams of moving to a ranch with her future wife and running it together. loves animals. wears a lot of sundresses and denim. kind of lacks a filter.

fearless: makes scrapbooks for her gf filled with pictures of them and plenty of gay quotes. makes a of speeches about how being gay is wonderful and everyone will get their happy ending. LOVES florals.

speak now: wears flowing dresses and flower crowns, super sweet to everyone. really likes fairytales and campaigns for a disney movie where two princesses end up together. dreams of a Very Big and Very Very Gay wedding. knows a lot of inspirational lyrics.

red: reads a lot of books and insists that every female book character is a lesbian. writes a lot of gay poetry. ideal date is drinking coffee while walking down a street with their gf in the middle of autumn. wears a lot of plaid. cooks for her girlfriend a lot.

1989: makes a lot of straight people jokes. thinks the “boys and boys and girls and girls” line is the best thing taylor’s ever come up with. only hangs out with Not Straight people and tries to be a supportive, big gay sister to her younger WLW friends.

so i came out on facebook today, and it was received okay actually??? my mom, who flipped her shit when she first found out a couple months ago, is being really supportive now. my best friend’s mom who is crazy religious commented telling me how much she loves me. it gets better y’all.

update: my mom just came into the room and asked excitedly if i have a girlfriend or a crush on anyone. this is the same woman who once forced me to read bible quotes out loud about how being gay sends people to hell. i feel like im lucid dreaming


High school JohnDave AU

•Dave and John both take 7th hour music class and have the second lunch shift (the people on this lunch shift are known as the Betas) together

•John always brings Jelly sandwiches and Dave finds it disgusting, also it gets stuck in John’s braces so Dave picks on him with that calling John “Jelly Wires”

•Ok, gonna put it out there now, they probably have sex in the music classroom their senior year of school, but it’s after hours so there wasn’t many people in the school building

•Dave is definitely in drama club with Rose and Terezi and John and Jade go to all of the productions

•Dave is the leading roll in “Twelfth Night” along with Rose, which fits because their twins (Dave=Sebastian and Rose=Viola)
(Other rolls included Eridan=Orsino, Kanaya=Olivia, Equius=Malvolio, Karkat=Antonio, Gamzee=Feste)

•John loves watching Dave on stage because Dave gets really sucked into his role and basically ignores the audience the best out of the other students

•Jade snorts when she notices how John is so focused on Dave

•Dirk and Roxy, who were seniors at the time of the above mentioned play, threw a party for their siblings and a few of their friends to celebrate them finally getting cast in lead roles and this was where John and Dave had their first kiss

•The party had been on a near by beach (it was towards the end of the Betas Junior year and so it was summer, and let’s pretend this is taking place in California) and so they had a table full of food and drink and everyone was having fun around the bonfire and they played truth or dare and they dared Dave to have a race against John, as far as they could go down the beach to the right, then all the way they could go to the left and back to the fire

•The race had started out great but then closer to the end of the right beach John tripped on some random item/rock and fell into the sand, Dave was tempted to leave him in the dust but he couldn’t do that to his best friend/crush

•John had stayed there and had thought Dave left him, he twisted his ankle but neither of them knew it yet, since John hadn’t yet processed what happened so the pain didn’t hit him yet

•He finally felt the pain after a few seconds and started crying, so there was sand stuck around his cheeks

•Dave helped him sit up and used some driftwood lying around and some strips he ripped off of his shirt to set John’s ankle

•They sat there for a little while just watching the tide before Dave broke the silence

•"I’m sorry..“
"Why are you sorry?”
“Because if I hadn’t agreed to the dumbass dare you wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”
“If you hadn’t agreed to that dumbass dare you would have eaten a handful of wet sand and I would feel bad.”

•After a minute they burst out laughing for a good minute or two before they go silent again

•John leans against Dave to help ease some on the pain in his ankle (*cough* lies *cough*)

•Dave looks at John when he does this and John looks back, slowly Dave leans his face closer to John’s and John follows soon after, both of them closing their eyes

•They kissy

•They’re still kissing after a few minutes, not the same kiss, just a bunch of small and heartfelt cute kisses and they had been gone for a while so they sent Rose and Jade to “find their damn relatives so they could get the rest of this show on the fucking road” as stated by Karkat

•Rose and Jade found them sitting on the beach in the moonlight kissing, they smiled and left them alone, but they did tell everyone else what happened

•They (Everyone that’s not John or Dave) left Dave and John’s stuff near a tree that was close to Dave’s car

•John and Dave hung out and kissed for a little while more before going back to where everyone was, and they then found they had left and moved their stuff

•They got their stuff and made their way to the hospital to get John’s ankle set, wrapped and whatever properly (I’ve never broke or twisted anything I don’t know these things)

•They officially started dating the day after the play

•They’re in the yearbook their senior year as “Cutest couple” and “Most likely to be late to their own wedding” (Dave is elected “Most likely to be late to graduation” and “Most likely to be famous” John is elected “Best sock game” and “Most likely to be arrested for a dumb reason”)

•Dave’s senior quote is “Nobody will ever remember me -Fall Out Boy” (he later becomes famous and everyone remembers him)

•John’s senior quote is “I don’t know what your quote should be babe, something about being gay? -Dave Strider”

•They skipped prom to go out on their own date instead because school dances are lame

•They went out for Chinese takeout and to go see the latest superhero movie instead

•Dave sings “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz to John for their senior year talent show

•Dave is valedictorian and has a whole speech telling a list of teachers/administrators/students to fuck off then he points to John in the crowd and goes “And you all know who fucks me.” then he walks of the stage with his diploma in hand

•Dave helps tutor kids (as does Rose and as did Roxy and Dirk)

•John loves all of the science and math classes

anonymous asked:

What did you think of the writers choice to include an Oscar Wilde quote from a play all about deception ( he was also arrested for being gay in 1895, coincidentally the number johns blog was stuck at and the time TAB is set in) and the song I want to break free written by another queer icon in the episode, along with what I now presume where all the gay jokes made on the show. Everyone closest to Sherlock presuming he's gay, people calling them a couple, the two bedrooms thing Mrs Hudson said

This is a phenomenally passive-aggressive ask, hello.

First off, you do realize Oscar Wilde’s entire existence isn’t governed by his sexuality, right? He was a man who achieved a lot. And he was gay, which is really cool and inspirational. But the fact that you can only see his name being invoked as a reference to his sexuality frankly makes me really uncomfortable. Like, queer men are more than their sexuality, and it’s reductive and creepy to fixate. It makes me feel personally reduced and commodified as a queer man.

The 1895 bit is just plain incidental as hell.

And again with “I Want to Break Free.” Like, first off, Moriarty is a gay character in this adaptation, co-written by a gay man and played by a gay actor. Even if you’re gonna say that things that aren’t gay can’t use it, which let me just say is a phenomenally stupid thing to suggest, that aspect of Sherlock is gay. It may not be gay in the fandom wants it to be, but there are various appearences of queerness in the show from a number of queer content makers involved in the show.

People do assume Sherlock and John are a couple, yes. Because the simple fact is any close male friendship is construed as romantic/sexual in our society, which oversexualizes men and strips it from women (hence why gal pals are also such a problem, all resulting from patriarchal policing of sexuality dating back a good long time). And anyway, Mark Gatiss, a gay man, wanted to do a series of jokes about how we are in a world that is more accepting of gayness to the point where people see it where it isn’t. There’s nothing wrong with that. The humor is of people trying to be nice and just misunderstanding, which is rather good-natured I think even if I don’t find it very funny. Gatiss and Moffat have explained this is the point of the jokes many many times and admitted even that they may have taken it a bit far (hence why it’s basically vanished now in the show). Frankly, given how powerful the whole TJLC thing sprung up, I think it’s safe to say it was a rather accurate joke, as no matter how much it’s expressed that’s not the case inside and outside the show, people still believe it.

Okay so there have been lots of things said since 22|1 which is when I first started writing this post for (then my laptop shut down and holy fucking shit I hadn’t saved it, and since then I had like zero motivation to write it). The whole tone of those discussions are that there still will be the fourth episode but now it will air on the 29|1 because we are desperately hanging onto threads that will be the 7 year anniversary of John and Sherlock meeting. All of this, however, does not really matter because I am mostly going to be talking about all of the loose ends they will/need to tie up in this fourth episode.

Why Apple Tree Yard is A Shit Show Should Have Been Sherlock:

So when I wrote this first I was pretty certain that ATY was going to be Sherlock, even though before hand I wasn’t so sure. I had looked at the BBC’s TV Guide and there was no room for Sherlock:

Which was obviously disappointing but a few days later everyone started thinking that ATY was going to be Sherlock, and because this section isn’t crucial to the fourth episode theory I will summarise it with these two posts: 

{x} {x}

The first post says a lot of different things, butthe point I want to draw on the similar synopsis between ‘The Lost Special’ (an ACD story which is widely accepted to be Sherlock’s Narrative which I get into later because S4 can be seen as Sherlock’s Narrative) and the first episode of ATY:

‘The Lost Special’ Synopsis:

However, nothing is ever as it appears, and when she receives an unexpected proposition from an enigmatic stranger, Yvonne is shocked by the passion he awakens in her. But gradually she begins to realise that there is much more to her lover than meets the eye, and she could be playing a very dangerous game indeed.”

ATY Synopsis:

“An eminent scientist gets caught up in a highly damaging and compromising lie.”

“A doctor starts an affair with enigmatic stranger and begins to suspect more is at play

The second post discussed the theory of straight-baiting which would suit Mofftiss as surely they would know that we would accuse them of queer-baiting and the irony would be too juicy for Mofftiss to refuse:

‘If AppleTreeYard is a stand in for the 4th episode and the real ATY airs in February….They’re straightbaiting.

If this means what I think/hope it means, they WANT people to get excited about this explicit sex in the first episode. But if it’s really the 4th episode of Sherlock…that means….’

So I still stand by the fact ATY should have been Sherlock - it would genuinely have been ‘making history.’

Why We Need A Fourth Episode:

  • None of it makes any sense!
  • The Garridebs -  Mofftiss could never!
  • ‘Love conquers all.’
  • ‘If we can pull this off…’
  • BBC going on and on  about lgbt+ representation
  • ‘Making history…’
  • Mary not being a villain
  • Mycroft remembered Redbeard as a dog???
  • “It is hard to pull off shock. All soap twists are flagged up three weeks before they air.” -Mark Gatiss
  • “Why don’t they have some faith in the audience and pull the rug from under them? When you pull off one of those moments it is genuinely thrilling.” - Mark Gatiss
  • Oscar Wilde quotes???
  • They seemed to go out of their way to unconfirm Johnlock???
  • Whatever these are???? {x} (this link has a great theory on why the fourth episode should have been on 22|1 - but that didn’t happen. I wanted to use more of that theory before my STUPID LAPTOP SHUT DOWN) {x} (shown below:)

What Is The Fourth Episode Going To Be:

Before I get into this I just want to say that I don’t actually think that there is going to be the fourth episode, I don’t think Mofftiss are that clever - but we are, so this is what is should be rather than what it is necessarily what it will be. What a fucking clickbait section. Fight me.

It’s kinda hard to deny that there are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up, so I think it’s going to be a bit of a TAB where there’s lot’s going on and it’s all very fundamentally important. TFP didn’t solve anything, so we do need an episode just explaining what the fuck just happened. However how it’s going to be presented is kinda unknown but it will have to link to the season, even Mofftiss can’t pull off a random season with zero correlation to the rest of the show (or can they??).  This link will probably be the narrator. The reason S4 may seem so off is because the narrator has changed - theories belowwwww:

John’s Narrative?

Now John is the narrator and has been throughout the entire show, even when Sherlock was in his mind palace. They kept that from the original ACD stories, so when they made things seem subtly off it suggests either John isn’t the narrator or something about him has changed. 

The most coherent and persuasive theory I have seen can be found here: {x} but I am going to break down the theory into less detailed points.

John got shot at the end of TLD and so this could easily be his coma-induced nightmare and the way that TFP is still told in John’s narrative is that this is his coma-induced nightmare. The outline of this theory is basically:

  • He doesn’t trust Sherlock
  • He lost Mary/his straight (sexuality) blanket
  • He saw Sherlock on all the drugs
  • Sherlock nearly killed himself for him
  • He cheated
  • Eurus is his Moriarty (Moriarty made Sherlock lose John, and Eurus made John lose Mary and Sherlock)
  • TFP is the bi version of TAB and it’s honestly just full of gay pining

However, like I stated before the whole of S4 was off, not just TFP so I don’t think that any theories that it’s John’s narrative still makes sense. I think that it is more likely to be Sherlock’s narrative… (ohhhhh segwayyy)

Sherlock’s Narrative?

Now, this is what I think is the most reasonable explanation. I think that it works out the best. I’m going to split this into characters and how they fit in a:


I think that S4 is Sherlock in his mind palace, and we can see this with all of the characters around him as well as him and his juxtaposition to Eurus. Sherlock is a lot more emotional in this Series which completely opposite to Eurus who is completely different to any other villain we have seen. Moriarty is so emotional he clearly wants to be with Sherlock and has strong sexual feelings for him and I would argue romantic as well as seen as he gets so #triggered by John and Sherlock’s reaction in the pool scene. Both Magnussen and Smith felt immense pleasure in their respective wrong-doing. Culverton even got a boner. Irene fell in love and so did Mary.

Eurus felt no pleasure, not even when having sex with the nurse. She did all of this for scientific research.. or did she?


This is the nightmare aspect of Sherlock’s narrative like I said before Sherlock is no longer part of John’s life. John doesn’t trust him, and that is one has to be Sherlock’s worst nightmare - the one person he lets in leaves him alone. 


We also know that John has acted out of character in this season, and I think that’s because it’s what Sherlock sees. John doesn’t save Sherlock, John loves Mary so much he can’t save her and FUCKING BLAMED HIM INSTEAD.


Now Mycroft is the character I really think proves all my points. In the whole season, he acts exactly like he did in Sherlock’s mind palace in HLV. Mycroft represents the knowledge that Sherlock has but he can’t quite get to. Mycroft feeds it slowly to him, and this is how we seem him act - he never outright explains anything, not even Eurus. Now I know Mycroft acts like this in real life as well, but I definitely think that how he acts in S4 is very reminiscent of how he acted in HLV.


Moriarty comes back because Sherlock needs someone to blame, everything that happened with Mary and John, Sherlock couldn’t cope with on his own - being his fault. Now as I pointed out before Sherlock is more emotional (more on that laterrrr) he needs Moriarty to blame and that’s why he came back and talked to Eurus.


I have a theory that Eurus is Sherlock’s sociopathic side, and this whole season was Sherlock inside his mind palace convincing himself after a childhood of torment that feeling is okay. Emotions are okay and falling in love with John is not a weakness. We see Sherlock save Eurus and that’s what Sherlock needed to prove to himself that everything Mycroft taught him when he was younger wasn’t necessarily true. This is why we see Sherlock being more emotional.

Mary’s Narrative?

Now the whole theory that it is Mary’s narrative is only based on the fact that a) she narrates a lot of the end scenes and b) she should have the opportunity to be a badass villain. Honestly, I promise I’m not running out of steam but there is such little proof for this option so I really have nothing left to say except knowing Mofftiss this is the route they will go down (drag them bitch).

Other Questions I Have Because whAt THE FUCK?

  1. WHO THE FUCK IS LADY SMALLWOOD??? I still need someone to explain the Elizabeth/Alicia business, I stg?!?!?!
  2. This meta which doesn’t really come under any of the other section but I just think it was so cool when I read it: {x} but to summarise, the doctored footage in the opening to TFP had been doctored and so, therefore, had the episode. Check it out, it is so clever.
  3. What the fuck are these?

Also, I was talking to @london2go about the fourth episode. The conversation basically was like if it doesn’t happen today (29|1 e.g. 7th anniversary) then either Moftiss is gonna completely Reichenbach us and make us wait two years orrrr this entire masterpost was a waste of my time rip. If any of you think this fourth episode might actually be the first episode of season five then… good point but after a number of complaints the BBC got I kinda doubt there will be a season five

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A real question:

When was the last time Kate McKinnon publicly spoke about her sexuality? ‘Cuz I can’t figure it out and that makes me feel uneasy.

I was mostly joking about this when I posted about it earlier, but now I can’t stop thinking about it. She’s out, obviously. It was a big deal when she joined the cast of SNL as the first openly gay woman. She plays a significant number of gay/queer characters in her present comedy. She’s been very vocal about it. You can find lots of quotes from her about being gay and figuring out she was gay, but all these quotes, as far as I can tell, are from years ago. Nothing in the recent past seems to come to mind. Even the opening monologue from the Independent Spirit Awards this year had a joke about her being gay, but she didn’t make it herself. The last sort of kind of almost solid thing I can think of is Leslie tweeting “she gay dude stop it lol” to some random on twitter, but even then, Kate was in no way directly involved.

This started swirling around in my brain because I was watching The Hollywood Reporter Emmy’s Roundtable whatchamacallit from last year and was, for the most part, all in for their discourse. They all spoke about sexism in the business and the way they each have to handle and navigate that. Gina Rodriguez and Tracee Ross Ellis both spoke intelligently and passionately about the racism they encounter in addition to and in tandem with the sexism. They spoke on how they maneuver those waters and how the representation of women of color in television and in movies is important in moving the business forward and opening the minds of audiences and producers alike.

So here I am, a queer woman in comedy, obviously waiting for and sort of expecting Kate to speak up about the difficulties and struggles queer women face in terms of treatment in the workplace as well as general representation for them in TV and movies. Now, I’m not saying I want or think that Kate’s sexuality should or need be her central focus in interviews and PR stuff, but I would, I guess, like for it to be a focus—particularly during that roundtable. I think Kate had a completely individual point of view in that group of women and was so uniquely positioned to fold her queerness into the discussion and the fact that she didn’t feels shameful, like a small step backwards almost. I say this in such harsh terms only because she was once so open about it, like, she got her break on a show called The Big Gay Sketch Show. The Big Gay Sketch Show. She obviously cares a lot about her sexual identity because she plays with it so freely and so clearly in her comedy and her art. But it almost feels blatant how much she avoids it publicly now, making jokes that her cat is her family, her cat is her son, her cat is her marriage partner.

And I get that she’s a private person, that’s made very clear, but I’m not asking her to come out. She’s already out. She’s been out. Her work makes it seem like she very much so revels in her outness. I’m not asking her to share pics of her kissing a girlfriend or to disclose personal details about her relationships with women. I’m just asking her to say, now, at this time, when she’s in the spotlight and clearly making magnificent waves in Hollywood, to say to someone, somewhere, publicly: “Hey, just in case you forgot: I’m gay.”

Maybe I’m being selfish. Like I said, I’m a lesbian girl working in this business, making art, auditioning, writing comedy, trying to be funny and create, and I’d like a young queer woman in Hollywood comedy to stand up and use this platform to be as open and straightforward and funny about her queerness as she once was. Like, I’d like her, in this moment when Holtzmann is rattling the bones of queer girls everywhere, to speak up about herself in the community, regardless of whether or not Holtz is canonically gay (which is irrelevant in this moment) (not unimportant, obviously, but I can sort of understand why she’s unable to speak about that aspect of Holtz’s backstory) because she is “canonically” gay and, if nothing else, she can speak on that and the effect that has and is having and could have on young queer people everywhere. Now is a good time for this. Now is an important time for this.

But she hasn’t said anything.

And that makes me sort of sad.

‘For what it’s worth, if we were both gay, you’d be my first call.’
'Would you mind calling Marshall and telling him that? 'Cause he thinks-’
'No, this is only in a scenario where just you and I are gay, not Marshall.’
'But if all three of us were gay, you’d pick me over Marshall, right?’
'If all three of us were gay? Girlfriend, we would all three of us have some fun.’
—  How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 11