hes not going to call you at 3:00am or pm. hes not going to call when he had a great day. hes not going to call to see how you are. hes not going to call. he doesnt care. go to sleep.
—  im sorry.
Humans in love are terrible. You see them hungering at one another like prehistoric wolves, you see something struggling for life in between them like a root or a soul and it flares for a moment, then they smash it. The difference between them smashes the bones out. So delicate the bones.
—  From “The Anthropology of Water,” by Anne Carson.

Please, do not settle. You are deserving, in all of you beauty, in all of your pain, in all of your happiness, in all of your flaws. Don’t make excuses for someone’s lack of love. There will never be a valid enough reason. You deserved to be loved, for everything you were, for everything you are & for everything you will be. Sincerely, E.V. Rogina // @evrogina

“I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” F. Scott Fitzgerald  

Photography: Emily An Hughes