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With this theme you get:

A flower on your sidebar

hover description

hover stats

5 roman numerals links

hover links

title font changes when you hover over the sidebar

3 rounded sidebacks


Please like if you are going to use it or if you just like it

Fireflies Theme #13 

  • 4 custom links (the stars)
  • quotebar on top
  • 1 column
  • sidebar image has color when hovering
  • infinite scroll
  • choose if you want a caption below posts or not


make sure your title doesn’t go into two rows it won’t look good. If you don’t want a quote just leave the variable empty. I might update this later to make it possible to have tags on hover if I get requests. (this is an ‘update’  + cleaner version for the Thinking Out Loud theme i made before which had 73+ people using it)

Please click the 'info’-link on this blog if this is your first time using my themes.  
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