Trust in someone means that we no longer have to protect ourselves. We believe we will not be hurt or harmed by the other, at least not deliberately. We trust his or her good intentions, though we know we might be hurt by the way circumstances play out between us. We might say that hurt happens; it’s a given of life. Harm is inflicted; it’s a choice some people make.
—  David Richo

To the girl who wears flowers in her hair to distract from the dark in her eyes
To the boy who’s always sad and doesn’t know why
To the ones who cry themselves to sleep at night

I promise you’re not alone

To the girl who sleeps around with anyone so that she can feel like something
To the boy with scars up his arms screaming that he’s nothing
To the ones who try so hard to be worth loving

I promise you’re more than you could ever know

To the girl who can’t leave her bed and her mom calls lazy
To the boy who drinks every night until the room is hazy
To the ones who have everyone believe that they’re crazy

I promise you’re not just skin and bones

To the girl with mascara-stained pillows wishing that she could forget
To the boy who finds release at the end of a cigarette
To the ones who live their whole lives filled with regret

I promise someone will guide you home

Just know you’re not alone

—  just-another—daydreamer
So I guess that’s what you do; you wait. You’re always going to feel pain, hurt, and pressure. But over time, your wounds heal, your heart grows and you begin to forget exactly who made you the wreck you are today. Because with time comes strength. Once you get through the pain you can embrace everything life has to offer and pursue that with your head held high
—  Daily Tumblr Love Quotes