“beyonce wrote that, didn’t she?”
“she’s a very talented poet, my dear.”

after drawing zack and angeal earlier, i really wanted to give these two a go? because they’re hysterical and i’ve never quite been able to figure out why i ship them as hard as i do, only that i do it in the most comical, 50s-style screwball way possible
also – automatically assume that this is related to this au, because it is

(semi-seriously considering doing a free commission for whoever manages to correctly guess which beyonce lyric genesis is quoting…)


This is such a shocking, “holy shit” moment, and also such an impractical feat of strength that I’m happy it never really repeats in the game. It’s also, I think, something that shows off what Cloud’s all about. Running after Sephiroth isn’t smart by any measure, but his dogged refusal to leave this unfinished comes from the same well of strength he summons to throw Sephiroth over the catwalk.

Speaking of, I think a lot of people think Sephiroth died in this scene, and that the Sephiroth we see in the game is some separate or false incarnation. I don’t quite feel that way. Nibelheim was a death for him to be sure, and he definitely emerges 5 years later changed, but I think even the differences are pretty continuous. 

nobody said it was easy…

so while i was in los angeles, len and i spent a whole lot of time coming up with a plethora of aggressively emotionally compromising headcanons and thoughts about these two for this au. needless to say, they’ve been on my mind (and i’ve been just a smidge depressed about it) and i should start writing a fic that explores their relationship in-depth… at some point in the near-ish future, haha.

i’m thinking zack is about twelve or thirteen here (as evidenced by small hands and general tininess), which would make angeal twenty-eight/twenty-nine. please note that in this au, angeal is zack’s godfather/primary guardian – no funny business going on here.