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Weird how Cloud and Tifa's two fights revolve around Tifa's "love rival." Weird how things are said to not have gone well between Cloud and Tifa. Weird how Tifa is jealous of her "love rival" even in Advent Children. But it's all a coincidence, right?

Tifa is in no way jealous of Aerith in Advent Children. She feels complex emotions because this woman that she cherishes has become the symbol of all of Cloud’s failures. And this symbol might be causing Cloud to fall in to depression and close himself off from his family.

It doesn’t get much more complex than “I love you Aerith, but I hate what your memory is doing to my family”.

And if one “fight” they have is her telling him what he needed to hear in AC so he would get off his ass and save their children? Then so be it. They had a fight.

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Cloud agrees that Denzel was brought to both him and Tifa???? If that is true, it was only after being strong-armed. Cloud initially believes Aerith brought HIM Denzel. Tifa interfering with Cloud's initial reaction is irrelevant.

I find this post to be disgusting on a few levels. First off that Tifa would somehow force Cloud in to a living situation he doesn’t want. Or that Cloud would allow himself to be forced.

People like you who try and push this “Tifa is a bully and Cloud has no free will unless it’s abandoning the child Aerith supposedly brought to him to try and be with her again” are a part of the fandom that needs to grow up or shut up.


“I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won’t remember them all, so I put them all together into one…

                                                      …I’d like to spend more time with you.”

The Midgar motorcycle chase scene in FF7 was always one of my favourite parts of the game, I think the music + the concept of driving a motorcycle while swinging a bigass sword always seemed PRETTY DANG COOL to younger me, haha! This was reaaaally rushed though so I will probs come back to the “80′s neon motorcycle chase” concept with Cloud again sometime. :’)

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Who cares about the description underneath the Clerith date on the FTOIL page? Only one date can be applied to the FTOIL page in canon. The Clerith date is canon (and the date that is pictured). Would you seriously apply the non-canon date to the FTOIL page???? Seems like common sense to apply the canon date to the FTOIL page because that's the date that happens in canon.

So ignore what the page actually says and instead apply whatever meaning you want to it? What a winning argument.