Web Series Meme: 7 Quotes

↳ (4/7) Have you ever read a book in a single sitting? And then there’s that moment when it’s over, and it’s like that whole world of that fiction is still swimming inside your head, like…your brain is a sponge, just soaked in all the feelings and emotions of that whole adventure. And the scary parts and exciting parts, and …interesting parts all kind of blur together… - Jane Eyre

Author’s Note: The team and I are very happy with the story we’ve written. We believe it’s true to Jane’s journey, and it’s an adaptation that we’re proud of. Looking back on this year, there are minor changes we could have made for the sake of clarity, or flow, but if a genie granted any of us the ability to change any choices we’d made - I doubt we would have taken the offer. So – yes, I stand by our ending. But obviously, while our ending is intended to be realistic, I will admit that realism is not necessarily the most satisfying. In life we leave behind challenges, for a completely new set of problems.

 This moment is one that has always existed in my mind. We would never film it for obvious reasons, nor would we necessarily want to. So I have written this moment down. It is for those of you who are romantics, for those of you who will find it hard to say good-bye to Jane, for those of you who are always craving more immersion, and for me. It is my love letter to Jane, and this year, and I hope you like it. 

Also, I apologize preemptively. 1) Because I’m Canadian and 2) Because I am NOT a novelist.

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Happy Birthday Jane

So while we’re in the throws of production for All’s Fair Play, and up to our eyeballs in work, I still had to take a second to say it:

Happy Birthday Jane :)

It’s been a crazy 8 months- and we’ve run so quickly into producing the next series that while I miss everything about that character and that show, I don’t always have the time to dwell on it properly. But from time to time I’ll see another gif set or run into a text post in the AoJE tag- with a very quiet “we miss you”, sometimes just hidden in the tags of a post, and my heart just swells.

Jane and her story were such a big part of my life and the lives of so many people for almost 2 years, that it’s weird sometimes to be living without her. But in a way she became so embedded in every aspect of what I do, and so much of what I learned in those 2 years that for me at least, she’s always hanging around.

So today, and hopefully yesterday, (as Jane’s B-day is actually on Feb 29th) we raise our glass to you girl and to everyone who cared about your story.

I know you’re happy and loved, so Thank You for giving us so much of the same.

- Nessa 

The thing I love about Jane Eyre is that she is not your typical heroine. In any sense of the word.

She’s plain, soft-spoken, and virtually friendless at the beginning of the novel.

She’s clever, but doesn’t tend to show it.

Before the start of the book she has had almost no experience with the outside world.

She has incredible strength of character but it’s not immediately obvious. It’s a kind of quiet courage that’s fairly easy to overlook.

I mean her favourite pastime is drawing for Pete’s sake.

She is a secondary character. She is not the kind of person you base a whole book around, because, in novels, exciting things don’t tend to happen to people like her.

But her story is one of the most beautiful ever told.

She was a heroine I could truly relate to, but also admire. Someone who didn’t have it all together and who wasn’t perfect, but who knew what was right and trusted her gut. She believed in herself and what she was capable of.

She proved you didn’t have to be a gorgeous, sassy, sword-wielding, goddess to warrant your story being told. That you could be “poor, obscure, plain and little” and still have one of the greatest love stories of all time.

And that is not something to be taken for granted.


Throw Back Thursday - The Rivers 

Your friendly neighbourhood Showrunner just came across some amusing behind the scenes photos late this evening, and with minutes to spare, decided to share a few them for Throw Back Thursday - so enjoy ;)

The last picture is especially perfect, because this group became so much like a family on set it was impressive- and not to mention absolutely hilarious. They would have made an awesome sitcom.   


Thank you.

Some Notes on Today's Episode: Steps

I’ll be posting something soon on wrapping up (I know, I know), but in the meantime I just wanted to post some notes I have about today’s episode:  Visually this was a bit of a throwback to our earlier episodes, walking and being outside, taking us back to Jane’s “roots” as a vlogger, which we haven’t visited in a while. But for Jane there’s been a shift now. Instead of trying to see the world through the camera, she chooses to see it through her own eyes, walking with the lens facing down to see her steps, as if she’s forgotten it’s on. Now the focus is on seeing the people in her life. She doesn’t hide the fact that she’s filming, and I personally love that her friends accept that it’s just part of who she is.  (Sidenote: I feel like it’s a bit the reality for many Youtubers- as their friends and family adjust, it becomes less weird and they understand that it’s not about necessarily being invasive, but about the vlogger and their goals as creators. And to be fair- for real Youtube Vloggers, it tends to be less invasive and more “come stuff like 50 marshmallows into your mouth and then attempt to say things with me”.) As she enters the apartment Jane puts down the camera, she hugs her friend and chooses not to take it out on the balcony. We’ve talked about this a lot, Jane uses the camera as a crutch to deal with some of the more difficult moments in her life. But she makes a choice to leave it in the apartment before stepping outside. She doesn’t need the crutch anymore. At this point she also believes in her own ability to deal with things.  And maybe it’s because we’re nearing the end, but I’m really proud of Jane. It’s one thing to deal with the difficulties of a job, or career, but to deal with personal intimate relationships head-on the way she chooses to here, that’s something that is so often underestimated.  As some of you may have noticed, in the credits of today’s episode, the role of Rochester was played by actor Eric Bruce.  Unfortunately Adam was unable to complete the project due to some differences with the team. Obviously, we wish him all the best in his future endeavours and appreciate all his work and his part in this project.  But, as always, our focus is in telling Jane’s story and our commitment to the wonderful people who watch the show week after week.  Jane  means a lot to us, and we know she means a lot to you- so though I know it’s a bit bittersweet to be ending soon, this has honestly been an amazing experience for us as creators. We couldn’t have shared it with a better audience.