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Akash Reveal Trailer

We are so excited to announce our first foray into visual novels–Akash: Path of the Five! More details to come… but in the meantime, please enjoy the trailer and let us know what you think! 

We’ll be at PAX South this weekend (1/27-1/29) in booth #10234 demoing artwork from Akash and handing out pins featuring the boys, so come stop by and see us! On Saturday, the voice of Caspian, @prozdvoices will be joining us at our booth from 2-4:30. We hope to see you there! 

Here’s the alternate outfits for the 2 Minutes for Roughing guys! Casual outfits for Blake and Colt and Jordan’s goalie outfit. 

I’m also doing a poll on twitter for which of the guys you’d like to see a character interview with. You can vote here on twitter or if you don’t have a twitter account, simply leave a note on this post of which of the three you’d like and I’ll count in the final total. Thanks all!

Edit: Blake won the poll (I’m sure he’ll be just thrilled to know) so keep a look out for a character interview with him in a few days. 


Collar x Malice - Sasazuka Takeru ( Act 6 )

Chapter 2 - Part 3
Sasazuka Takeru CV: Namikawa Daisuke
“ …My clothes are on, so that’s a good sign. ”


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I am so addicted to Love Tangle! I got these cute little bonus photos recently too! Have you played? I’m currently working on Oliver’s route. It was probably the toughest decision I have made so far choosing between Carter and Oliver but you kNOW I will go back for Carter immediately after this!