quote: lynz

Things Lindsey Way is:

  • A musician 
  • An Artist 

  • A killer bassist 

  • An energetic and engaging human being 

  • Intelligent 

  • A mother 

  • A wife 

  • A beautiful human being with a kind and loving heart 

Things Lindsey Way is not: 

  • An extension of her husband 
  • Someone who would be unknown if it wasn't for her husband 
  • Garbage you can just call ‘Gerard Ways Wife’ because you’re a shit journalist that probably had to fight the urge to make the headline ‘KURT COBAIN’S DAUGHTER AND GERARD WAYS WIFE HAVE ART EXHIBIT TOGETHER’ for an attempt to get clicks on your shitty site

Ghosts for Sale is the culmination of a three year project that sees a return to fine painting as the counterpoint to the repurposed adolescence of her previous presentation (Shitty Teen). While still incorporating elements of autobiography, the work trades teen angst and secrets for metaphysical sci-fi conjurings.

1. The Moon, My Daughter’s Teacher
2. Grand Antenna
3. Little Black Box
4. The Doctor
5. Waiting Room
6. The Tiger, the Witch and the War

I like to kiss beautiful people, I like to get silly on cheap beer, Eat pancakes with green eyed girls and make-out in public restrooms. I like the curve between a woman’s hip bone and rib cage that gets deeper when she lies on her side. And I like the back of a man’s neck, The width of their forearm and watching them drive standard cars. I like cowboy hats and cowboy music and cowboys and indians. I like girls that do boys things and boys that do girl things. I like valedictorians, palm readers and messy hair. I like putting my leg over someone’s hip when I sleep and tangling my toes between theirs. I don’t like relationships, they scare me more than anything. I just like to kiss beautiful people.

Lindsey Way, Shitty teen


Basses I wanna try to get my hands on someday, and the people I know about them from.

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass, Lyn-Z Way.

Squier Mikey Way signature Mustang Bass, Mikey Way.

Squier Pete Wentz signature Precision Bass, Pete Wentz.

Squier Pete Wentz Signature Precision Bass in purple, Pete Wentz.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing Lindsey is?? Like, seriously:

She came from a rough upbringing, worked her ass off to pursue her dream in spite of all the trials and tribulations she faced - dealt and persevered with being homeless, having barely any food, etc. But it worked out - she became an artist and not only that, pulled a hell gutsy move and got into a band on sheer determination and effort. She played bass day and night for god knows how long and improved from barely knowing the instrument to becoming the incredible performer she’s known as and puts on one hell of a show, along with the rest of MSI (they’re epic, amiright?). She never stopped loving art though either and look at her work! It’s utterly incredible, she’s so talented and one of the most beautiful human beings out there, with such a kind and compassionate soul who’s inspired so many incredible young people out there. On top of all that she got to marry the man of her dreams and have a beautiful family, idk what I’m trying to say but I’m just so happy for her. She deserves every bit of it and then some. She just inspires me so much and proved that if you’re heart and passion is in something, don’t let anything hold you back.