quote: fictional source

Mori-senpai: You can play with this kaleidoscope I got you at the airport.
Honey-senpai: A kaleidoscope? I’m not five— SHAPES AND COLORS THE LIKES OF WHICH I HAVE NEVER SEEN.

Honey-senpai: *cutely* Are you trying to scare me?
Honey-senpai: That’s going to be hard.

The best lines found in fan fic

“It’s not a purse, Malfoy,” the Dark Lord said indignantly. “It’s a man-bag.” -source Dragon Tamer(jennavere)

“So, the next order of ‘business’” Rodolphus Lestrange was saying, making exaggerated quotation marks with his fingers and getting a few chuckles out of the other Death Eaters, “is whether the Dark Lord would prefer dark or milk chocolate at our next gathering. Now I, personally, am in favor of dark chocolate, because hello, he’s the Dark Lord, but Avery here says that - ”-Also Dragon Tamer

“Lovely new man-bag, my Lord,” Lucius said, as he handed Voldemort his cup. “Is that real snake skin?”

“Of course not!” Voldemort said, sounding horrified. “As if I would kill a snake. It’s faux.”- (Still) Dragon Tamer

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