quote: bastille

What it'd be like to date Bastille

- Lots of hand-holding
- Forehead and temple kisses. Like, lots of them.
- tv marathons
- cuddling in silence. But, the comforting, homey kind of silence, not the awkward kind.
- texting lyrics and links to songs that remind you of each other
- him singing to you while you’re cooking breakfast together
- you accidentally let it slip that you loved those spinny videos from the WWW tour, so he makes a point of sending you one before every show
- lots of goofy selfies
- he makes you watch David Lynch films, you make him watch reruns of your favorite sitcom (Parks and Recreation ftw 😜)
- sharing his hoodies
- piano lessons

- You definitely have a cat together, possibly named after a Disney character or a character from The Fifth Element
- Disney movie marathons
- You see new Star Wars movies together on opening night
- singing Disney songs together around the house
- lots of hugs
- he’d wear silly things just to make you laugh
- he asks to do your makeup for you, and it ends up not being a total disaster
- he sends you selfies where he’s making that adorable squinty face while he’s away on tour.
- lots of random inside jokes
- you build forts and camp out in the living room together

- lots of flirting, even after you’ve been together forever
- Rihanna concerts
- French lessons
- he sends you flowers a lot, and they’re always different
- fancy date nights
- and art museum/showcase dates
- but there are also nights where you just stay in and bake cookies together
- he draws portraits of you
- he begs you to stay home when you’re trying to get ready for work. You give in once or twice.
- dance classes together
- he leaves little notes around the house for you to find while he’s on tour

- he buys you a jersey to match his for football season
- lots of football games
- he sometimes lets you braid his hair
- arcade dates
- amusement park dates
- lots of hugs and kisses on the cheek
- he tries to win one of those giant teddy bears for you at a fair, but you actually end up being the one who wins it
- you cook new things together
- board games
- you send each other memes all the time

(Please add your own thoughts and ideas, my mind went blank 😝)

bastille does literally the best mashups and covers in the world they’re so hecking talented and here’s some proof:

no angels mashup (the xx, tlc)

drop it like it’s royal mashup (rihanna, katy perry, lorde, beyoncé, florence & the machine, snoop dogg)

final song mashup (mø, europe, graig david)

locked out of heaven mashup (bruno mars, rihanna, jay-z, kanye west, the xx)

this is what you came for mashup (calvin harris ft. rihanna, taylor swift, nancy sinatra)

we can’t stop cover (miley cyrus)

(i just) died in your arms cover (cutting crew)

dreams cover ft. gabrielle aplin (fleetwood mac)