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Collar drawstring💜
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Faux suede material💜
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What's the point of growing up if shit just gets harder and harder?

School: maybe you get all As and Bs but colleges won’t give you big enough scholarships so you have to take out student loans then when you graduate you don’t even get the job you want and you’re stuck doing something like being a server in a restaurant at $8.45 an hour when you have a master’s in engineering but all the money you make goes to paying off student loans so you’re stuck in your parent’s house. Then ask yourself: am I genuinely happy?
Our parents tell us to go to college but those of the middle or lower class have it harder. We can’t just get these scholarships by being good at what we do. We have to work a lot harder. Some take part time and stay up late studying so they can afoord college and get into it. But how many people are out there with college degrees and good paying jobs that aren’t happy? Too many. My advice is: do what makes you happy. Even if other people don’t approve. I’d rather live on a poor ranch with 3 horses than fancy studio in the east getting paud $20 an hour. If you’re not happy, what’s the point?
“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” - Dolly Parton

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Your title is Sailor of Azeroth, so maybe this is obvious, but: Have you sailed any seas outside Azeroth, say on Draenor? What was it like? How was it different?

“I hated Draenor.” Belysa sighs. “Az dragged me there and I hung out with my cousin for a few weeks but… Damn was it boring. Some parts were beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But that world is small. The Draenei and the orcs are more of land creatures, not sea. There aren’t shipwrecks to explore out there.

"Now, I did find a few really strange creatures. They were pretty interesting, but I couldn’t have observed them from my ship very well.

"I prefer Azeroth, in all honesty. There’s nothing on Draenor for me.”

Baseball-Israel qualify for World Baseball Classic

* Israel advance after tough 2012 defeat
* Strength in pitching, three homers help team to WBC (Adds details, quotes)
Sept 25 (Reuters) - Israel qualified for their first World Baseball Classic with a 9-1 victory over Britain on Sunday to clinch the four-team qualifying tournament in Brooklyn.
Israel narrowly missed out on reaching the Classic four years ago with their inaugural team, losing to Spain in the 10th inning of the qualifying final.
Five Israel pitchers, including former Major Leaguer Jason Marquis, combined to limit Britain to four hits while the offense pushed the team to a 6-0 lead through seven innings.
“It was definitely our goal to win this little qualifier and get to the main event,"said Marquis, who started and pitched four perfect innings before he handed over to the bullpen.
"I didn’t want to overextend myself and put my team in a hole. Could I have squeaked out a few more pitches? From my competitive side, sure. But we had some fresh arms in the bullpen very capable of getting the job done.
"That was a big part of our success. We have a lot of depth in pitching. And they did a great job.”
Blake Gailen and Ryan Lavarnway each powered two-run homers in the fifth inning while Cody Decker added a blast in the seventh. Lavarnway also delivered an RBI single during his team’s three-run eighth inning.
Scott Burcham finished 3-for-4 for Israel.
Israel went undefeated through the tournament, having beaten the British side 5-2 last Thursday when they rallied for four runs in the seventh inning.
They beat Brazil 1-0 on Friday in a pitcher’s duel to move into the final.
The 16-team World Baseball Classic will be held in South Korea in March, 2017 and with players on the 25-man roster of all the Major League teams eligible to play, the Israeli side could look very different at the tournament though manager Jerry Weinstein was reluctant to change the side too much.
“I feel very loyal to the group of guys who got us there,” said Weinstein. “We have an obligation to a lot of the guys on this team that have made the commitment to be with us for this.
"For me as a manager, I’m connected to these guys.”
(Writing by Jahmal Corner in Los Angeles; Editing by Greg Stutchbury)

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As if the Steve hadn’t been seen driving like a maniac around Hawkins before. Jonathan rolled his eyes, annoyed the other would be far more invested in the reckless driver than his own safety, or the fact that Jonathan had practically just saved his life. Not to mention Steve had been walking around in the middle of the street like an idiot, regardless if the one driving had greatly ignored the speed limit. Why did he even hang around this guy anyways? "Yeah, lucky I had the mind to save your sorry ass.“

Brand: j shoes
Style: flourish
Size: us 9.5, uk 7, EUR 40, jpn 25
Color crimson red
Leather upper & outsole
A two tone moc crock/leather women’s shoe with a rounded toe shape silhouette stitch detailing and leather covered buttons add a little something extra to this cute shoe. A high fashion heel concentrating on detail with a handcrafted finish.

Very good used condition. Soles show some wear but as you can see the outer part of pumps are like new. 3" heel

Retail: $138

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✮ = stargazing .

send one for my muse’s reaction to your muse — 
      ✮ = stargazing

 Sector Six, being the least polluted, obviously had better views of the night sky. Careful not to be seen, as she felt more than a little embarrassed and silly over having come all this way for nothing more than futile effort. Still…

 The highest point in the place seemed to have already been occupied, but the other seemed to have similar reasons to be up here, if his upward cast eyes were of any indication.

 "You know, they say if you wish upon a star, your dream is bound to come true?“ Mal stood beside the other and looked up at the tiny lights scattered across the sky. ”They say… It doesn’t matter who you are.“ But maybe it did? If her track record was of any indication.


Creo en aquellas conversaciones que existen sin palabras, creo en todo aquello que dicen unos ojos, a raíz de los años y los daños he ido entendiendo que son la única parte del ser humano que no ha logrado entender del todo las mentiras; siempre dicen la verdad solo que nosotros a veces somos demasiado ciegos como para leer algunas miradas.

Quizá nunca me gustó el piso, quizá empecé a apegarme a él cuando nuestros encuentros se fueron haciendo más frecuentes sobre él, allí donde el frío nos obliga a estar más cerca, allí donde te desnudas y me desnudas a mí de a pocos, allí donde hablamos, lloramos, hacemos el amor, nos desarmamos, destruimos y aprendemos a reconstruirnos con el pasar de las horas. Allí donde sólo eres tú y allí donde sólo soy lo que soy. Allí donde todo es más jodido, allí donde no importa nada más.

¿Jamás te preguntaste sobre los gatos? He creído siempre que ellos saben de las despedidas más que los humanos, ellos duermen sobre maletas siempre que se encuentran con ellas, y aguardan para desmontarse, llorar y levantarse, supongo que es ahí donde se escapan sobre los tejados a la hora el té de los gatos, y vuelven un poco vueltos mierda pero siempre siendo gatos. Cuánto quisiera ser más gato, y tener mi hora del té para cuando tenga que despedir a tus guitarras de mis bigotes.

Nunca supe hablar de vacíos, nunca supe hablar desde mis adentros, nunca he encontrado la manera correcta de ser, tampoco he sabido amar, quién sabe, tal vez mi manera de amar solo sea así, desmesurada, desordenada, dramática, inexplicable, sincera, desgarradora, desastrosa, tal vez mi manera de amarte solo sea esa, amarte sin limitaciones.

-       No te canses de mí, por favor.
-       No pequeña, en ti siempre encontraré algo que me haga sentirme en casa.

Vamos, sigámonos amando aun así tengamos miedo a las despedidas.

-  Castillos de arena, María Camila González.

15 Quotes By Tyrion Lannister That Prove He Is The King Of Sass And Wit In ‘Game Of Thrones’
One of the best things about ‘Game Of Thrones’ after all the intriguing plots, shrewd scheming, and unexpected twists is Tyrion Lannister. With his wits by his side, there is no situation he cannot get out of. Sharp, witty, and with a grim sense of humour, Tyrion Lannister is your modern-day ant…

Cam Newton dons MLK shirt before game in Charlotte
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As the city of Charlotte continued to recover from several night of intense protests after police shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton took the field Sunday wearing a t-shirt that featured a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." 

SEE ALSO: ‘I felt like it was my family’: The stories behind the protesters

The line appears in King’s famous ”Letter from a Birmingham jail,“ written while King was jailed in April 1963, in response to clergymen who thought the civil rights movement should be limited to fights in court.  Read more…

More about Martin Luther King, Charlotte Protests, Cam Newton, Entertainment, and Sports
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In short, what Ellison was selling as the new Oracle looks an awful lot like the old Oracle: a bunch of products that are mostly what most customers want, at least in theory, but with neither the flexibility and scalability of AWS’ infrastructure on one side nor the focus and commitment to the user experience of dedicated SaaS providers on the other.
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