Did she tell him it’s 1955? Blacks don’t have wings and looking at white girls is the fastest way of getting too close to the sun.

FROM THE VAULT: Mallary M. - “Birds & Bees” (Button Live)

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No regrets. I’d fall for you over and over again, even if it means that I’ll get my heart broken all over again.

-After all.. you were one of my favorite chapters..


Pelutze: Buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: What?
Pelutze: I just realized I’m naked, buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: I’m not buying you pants
Pelutze: Buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: I’m not buying you pants
Pelutze: I’m wearing your pants
Pelutze: I’ve wet your pants
APH Luxembourg: You son of a BITCH

Hope locates itself in the premises that we don’t know what will happen and that in the spaciousness of uncertainty is room to act. When you recognize uncertainty, you recognize that you may be able to influence the outcomes — you alone or you in concert with a few dozen or several million others.
Hope is an embrace of the unknown and the unknowable, an alternative to the certainty of both optimists and pessimists. Optimists think it will all be fine without our involvement; pessimists take the opposite position; both excuse themselves from acting. It’s the belief that what we do matters even though how and when it may matter, who and what it may impact, are not things we can know beforehand. We may not, in fact, know them afterward either, but they matter all the same, and history is full of people whose influence was most powerful after they were gone.

A hopeful quote from American writer Rebecca Solnit, in Brainpickings

(Photo: Steven Godfrey)

Let’s just live
Day by day
And not be conquered by our sorrows
The past can’t hold us down
We must break free
Inside we’re torn apart
But time will mend our hearts
Move onward
It’s not the end
So let’s just live.
—  Casey Lee Williams, “Just Live” (RWBY)