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6, 22, 30

are you religious/spiritual?

not necessarily, i’m more agnostic. i mean i kinda feel like there’s some sort of higher beings out there but idk????? i don’t wanna follow a specific religion tho

list the top five things you spend the most time doing, in order.

  1. loving my girlfriend i do this all day every day duh
  2. dissociating - i also do this constantly but it’s usually at a tolerable level so
  3. sitting at my desk, on the computer - i spend a pretty equal amount of time just hanging out online, drawing, and working on music-related stuff so
  4. interacting with my cats in some way shape or form
  5. laying down and spacing out

pick one of your favorite quotes.

“if you feel lonely, watch a horror movie with the lights out. you won’t feel so alone anymore” or however that one was worded

I don’t know if you ever loved me. I don’t know if the late night drives and hands held meant anything to you. But I like to think they did. I like to think that a tiny smile formed on your face when you imagined the way we laughed together. I like to believe that whenever you felt sad and alone, I was the one who made you feel whole again. Because that’s what you did for me. Without ever knowing it you were making my life better. So even if you never loved me like I loved you, I hope that I still made your life better too.
But please don’t leave someone wondering what they have done wrong.” he said. “Don’t just walk away and make them feel that they will never be enough. As if they were just some pieces of paper fallen out of your notebook. As if they were just a flower you took out of your vase.” he looked at her. With sadness in his eyes—with pain showing in the way he speaks. Then he continued, “Please. If you can avoid it, just please don’t hurt people that way.
—  ma.c.a // Summer Leaves
Because I don’t want
to be in another universe
if you’re not going
to be there with me,
I am aware that
I can’t have you,
but knowing that
you exist in
the same world
as mine,
became the truth
that still
makes everything fine.
—  ma.c.a // Earth
Please take care
of yourself,
not because
no one else will,
but for the reason
that love should
start from deep
that somewhere
inside you
it must begin.
—  ma.c.a // Let it bloom