quote word art

I hope my words reach you one day. I hope a sense of nostalgia washes over you as my poetry resonates within your heart. I hope they make you wish things had turned out differently. And I hope you fall in love with them the way you never fell in love with me.



The perfectionist lives.

I feel the faintest flutter of her heartbeat.

So ready to come roaring back into this body.

I will not turn her away.

Kept captive for far too long.

I can feel my muscles ache with tension.

Begging me to welcome her back.

To take action again.

To become action again.

To live as movement and art.

To become pieces of a delicately assembled ensemble.

How I miss composing.

How I long to use my body as an instrument.

One that invites evaluation and intrigue. 

Once again I shall play the most skillfully crafted of melodies.

The ones I live through.

The ones I live as.

Often ones that destroy the lives of others.

Perhaps all good things require symmetry.

I can no longer live unbalanced in the favor of others.

I will remain sure footed.

Passersby be damned.

- s.z (She Loves Art and Silence More Than You

I want to wash my mouth out
to get rid of all the hurtful things I said,
all the ugly words
that have escaped my lips.
I wish I could let water
wash away all the pain I’ve caused,
all the hopes I have shattered,
and start all over again.
—  // wash my mouth out
Some days I am too afraid
that I might miss life
while trying to portray it.
That I am too deep in thoughts
of colour and beauty
to actually see the shades
right in front of me.
—  // being an artist