quote word art

You are
the kindest person
I have ever known,
not because of your words
or what you’ve done
but because you always
used to bring out
the best me
I could be.
—  // –
you are the ‘c’ of a quadratic function.
yes, that last factor is you.
now, suppose ‘c’ has any numerical value,
positive or negative,
other than zero
(other than zero because you are alive right now)
'ax²’ and 'bx' are the other people;
your parents, your brothers and sisters,
your friends, your lover.
these people disappear when
'x’ is at zero, right?
the function would also equal zero
as i said earlier,
you are the 'c’ of this quadratic function.
in your case, the numerical value of 'c’ is never zero.
you always have a value.
and sometimes,
when 'x’ is at zero,
‘c’ will still have a value and
you will be the only person who is going to be there,
for your own self.
so, take care of yourself.
the art of self care is
very difficult to master at times
and still, you are the 'c’ of this quadratic function.
you will always have a value.
—  did i just write something inspired by maths?

on my first date with happiness,
i decided i had enough of
oversized black tshirts and loose black jeans
so i threw on a yellow sundress,
which i found after passing through my closet
like a raging hurricane;
as always, i was running late.

on my first date with happiness,
i decided i was going to let her
fall in love with my natural self
so i put down my concealer, mascara, lipstick and eyeliner.
and i ornament myself with rings and necklaces,
a spray of flowery, sweet perfume.

on my first date with happiness,
i decided i was going to let her in
so i told her my everything,
i was afraid, of course but
i knew i would have to, at least,
give her a chance
to get to know me,
i would have to give my tired self a chance
to stop being a fucking liar.

on my first date with happiness,
i said:
“hey, my name is sadness. but
i want to learn to be happy again.”

on my first date with happiness,
i let a little bit of life
reach my insides
after a whole long time
of having myself
against myself.

—  on my first date with happiness.