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Cute or concerning? 

Here, an adorable sea otter plays with a discarded plastic basket in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Sanctuary visitor Douglas Croft, who took this photo, says that “It was quite humorous to watch her play with it and carry it around, but if this ‘toy’ had had a hole in it and her head got stuck, it could have been a death sentence." 

Plastic debris finds its way into the ocean far too often, and can harm the health of ecosystems and beloved sea creatures. We can all do our part to protect animals like sea otters by picking up trash on the beach and near our homes farther inland! Opting to use reusable products also goes a long way toward keeping our ocean and waterways clean. 

What will you do to help clean up marine debris? 

(Photo: Douglas Croft)

anonymous asked:

(Different lamb anon) I once had someone at work ask what I ate if I didn't eat animals. After explaining, no shit, they said "what about lamb?". I just. Kinda laughed at her and said LAMB IS AN ANIMAL. Or maybe I was misinformed? Maybe lamb actually grows on trees or something? I cannot believe she asked me that after I said NO ANIMALS.

It seems utterly absurd but some people are genuinely so disconnected that they need to think twice about whether or not some animal products even come from animals. I’ve never been offered lamb, but I’ve been offered fish plenty of times after telling people I’m vegan, and far too often the response is: "but they’re not animals, they’re fish!”

Mark March - Day 26 “Favourite quote (interviews/social media)?”

Mark says far too many brilliant things far too often. So I’m cheating completely and have just selected some highlights in a few main categories of Gatissian Twitter-quotes.

Mark being sass-tastic

Mark’s grammar pedancy

Mark being randomly quotable in a brilliant way

Mark being pleasingly sinister

And finally, one of my favourite interview quotes:

Mark being all-round inspiring and adorkable

“I had a strong sense as a kid, who was constantly belittled by vile PE teachers, that I would prove people wrong who said I spent all my time daydreaming. When I’d walk around the perimeter of the football pitch in the pissing rain and feel the terrible smack of the football against my cheek, I had an inner conviction that I could somehow make use of my geekiness. And I’m very pleased to say I have.” [x]