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It all started with a beer. We sat in a bar , the only one where you could still smoke and we listened to some woman trying to sing. As beer became 3 beers we started opening up. We talked about our past and what we wanted from the future. I loved his British accent and he thought mine was funny. He treated me like a lady - even though I never really felt like one. There was something in the air and we both knew, that it won’t be just one of those nights. I grabbed his phone and started recording a video -“ what are you doing?” - he asked me -“im recording a video of us on our first date”- i said -“what are we going to do with it?” - he looked at me -“ we will play it at our wedding”- i laughed. 
I was 22, he was 37. Everyone laughed when they saw us. They thought the age difference mattered, that we were just a fling. That we could not possibly understand eachother. But here we are today , 4 years later. Our own house, 2 pets, a baby on the way. We can’t wait to have beers together for the rest of our lives and show everyone the videos we have been making for the past 1400 days.
- Ella Dvornik about meeting Charles Pearce

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Jefferson: Yeah, I know that we’re best friends, but I’d fuck you if you asked me to.

Madison: What?

Jefferson: What?

Burr: He said he’d fuck you if you asked him.