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Ho letto una volta che gli antichi saggi credevano che nel corpo ci fosse un ossicino minuscolo, indistruttibile, posto all'estremità della spina dorsale. Si chiama luz in ebraico, e non si decompone dopo la morte né brucia nel fuoco. Da lì, da quell'ossicino, l'uomo verrà ricreato al momento della resurrezione dei morti. Così per un certo periodo ho fatto un piccolo gioco: cercavo di indovinare quale fosse il luz delle persone che conoscevo. Voglio dire, quale fosse l'ultima cosa che sarebbe rimasta di loro, impossibile da distruggere e dalla quale sarebbero stati ricreati. Ovviamente ho cercato anche il mio, ma nessuna parte soddisfaceva tutte le condizioni. Allora ho smesso di cercarlo. L'ho dichiarato disperso finché l'ho visto nel cortile della scuola. Subito quell'idea si è risvegliata in me e con lei è sorto il pensiero, folle e dolce, che forse il mio luz non si trova dentro di me, bensì in un'altra persona.
—  David Grossman, Che tu sia per me il coltello.
The Signs As Quotes By Idols

Aries: “I wasn’t born with anything, my weapon is hard work and determination.” - Seunghoon of WINNER 

Taurus: “It’s not okay to make a hurtful comment about people just because they don’t reach your own standards.” - Amber of f(x)

Gemini: “I want to think of it as a compliment. We’re different but not wrong.” - CL of 2NE1  

Cancer: “There are no boundaries or limits when it comes to love.” - Onew of SHINee

Leo: “I think it’s most important to have confidence in whatever you do.” - Gikwang of BEAST 

Virgo: “I don’t believe perfection exists in this world, but there are infinite amount of chances to being close to it.” - Daehyun of B.A.P

Libra: “I’d rather bend than break.” - Kai of EXO

Scorpio: “Role model? I don’t have one. I want to become one.” - Himchan of B.A.P

Sagittarius: “Life is a game. Play it.” - Kris of EXO

Capricorn: “I like people who are constantly working hard, more than people who are constantly at their best.” - Yoseob of BEAST

Aquarius: “Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream.” - V of BTS  

Pisces: “Imagine and dream. Then the world will change to how you want it to be.” - Woohyun of INFINITE

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March 13th 1881: Alexander II assassinated

On this day in 1881, the Russian Tsar Alexander II was assassinated in St. Petersburg aged 62. He had ascended to the Russian throne in 1855 after the death of his father Tsar Nicholas I during the Crimean War.  Decades before the Bolshevik communist revolution would successfully overthrow the Russian monarchy under Alexander’s grandson Nicholas II, there was already a significant anti-tsarist movement in Russia. While Alexander had initiated some liberal and modernising reforms - including the abolition of serfdom in 1861 and the expansion of the nation’s railroads - he had brutally repressed political dissidents. In 1879, a group called the People’s Will was organised and began their attempts to violently overthrow the Tsar. After waging a prolonged campaign in which they assassinated government officials and made attempts on the Tsar’s life, the movement was finally successful in killing Alexander in 1881. The Tsar was killed in St. Petersburg after two bombs were thrown at his carriage by Nikolai Rysakov and Ignacy Hryniewiecki, who were members of the People’s Will. He was succeeded by his son Tsar Alexander III, who punished the people and group behind his father’s assassination. The new Tsar also repudiated his father’s last act as Russian leader, a proclamation which would have reformed the nation’s legislative system. In 1883, work began on the Church of the Savior on Blood , which was built on the spot of Alexander’s assassination and dedicated to his memory.

“Amid the smoke and snowy fog, I heard His Majesty’s weak voice cry, ‘Help!’ Gathering what strength I had, I jumped up and rushed to the emperor. His Majesty was half-lying, half-sitting, leaning on his right arm. Thinking he was merely wounded heavily, I tried to lift him but the czar’s legs were shattered, and the blood poured out of them“
- Police chief Dvorzhitsky’s account of the assassination

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July 22nd 2011: Norway terror attacks

On this day in 2011, the 7/22 attacks occurred in Oslo and Utøya, Norway. In Oslo, a car bomb was set off near prominent government buildings killing eight people and injuring 209. The second attack under two hours later in Utøya took place at a Norwegian Labour Party (the ruling party) youth summer camp on the island. There, a gunman killed 69 and injured 110. Four days after the devastating events, 150,000 Norwegians gathered in Oslo carrying roses in memory of those who were killed in the attacks. Anders Behring Breivik, a right-wing extremist, was arrested on Utøya island and subsequently found guilty of both attacks. The brutal attacks were the deadliest in Norway since World War Two and three years on we remember all of the 77 victims of this senseless violence.

“Evil can kill a human being but never defeat a people”
- Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg after the attacks