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I’m not quite sure how to approach the situation, I don’t really want to make a huge deal out of it but I’m not going to lie, it kind of hurts.

A very popular blog took one of my edits and merely edited it a bit and changed the font of it. But it’s literally the same as mine, word for word, and they didn’t give me any credit. I came up with the wording myself, it’s not a quote (I wouldn’t have cared if it was a popular quote of some sort). What I’m afraid of is other blogs seeing my original edit and thinking I was the one who copied them, though you can go to my original and compare when the two were posted. I don’t want to cause any unnecessary drama, but I just want to address how I feel about my edits being reposted or even copied. I don’t care if my edit inspires you and you want to make one a bit similar, that’s fine! You don’t have to credit me. But if you repost my edit without any credit, edit my work without any credit, it really really hurts me. I don’t want to make a huge fuss, the edits are fairly simple to make but they’re something I enjoy making and to see a very popular blog I looked up to and admired a lot copy my work is honestly very hurtful.

So I just want to say, please don’t repost my content and don’t edit it to make it your own, unless you credit me!! You don’t even have to credit me if you use my work as your icon or header, so I feel like I’m not asking for much. Sorry for going on about this, I’m just still really surprised and hurt by this and I never expected the blog to do something like this. Ily guys very much but please don’t copy other people’s work and claim it as yours, it’s so disrespectful and NOT a positive thing in the positivity community!!

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Hi, love your work! I was wondering what about the UT bros, uf bros, swap bros would react to an s/o who was a writer and loved to write down things about every person they met and talked in inspirational movie quotes to cheer some one up?

(Thank you!!)


  • He’s always sort of looking over your shoulder and smiling at the little things you scribble down.
  • He puns about the movies you reference and just sort of watches you with this infatuated fascination as you thrive while pouring your optimism into other people.


  • Carries around extra glitter pens for you.
  • He gets excited about the movie quotes thing (it always manages to cheer him up. They’re all very eloquent/powerful) and wants to watch all of them sometime so he can understand your references.


  • He gets really into it. Pointing out all these positive things along with you to write down.
  • He’s thoroughly impressed with your ability to just spew out quotes like that, and all to make someone smile! He finds that very endearing.


  • He loves the little things about you. Especially that cute look on your face you get when you’re really concentrating on something you’re writing.
  • Comes up with a quote of the day of his own (not all from movies and sometimes just to get a laugh out of you)


  • He gets a little nervous with how easily you seem to trust people.
  • He’ll roll his eyes and snort at the movie references. Calling them cheesy or stupid (all while trying not to smile of course)


  • He sits and watches you quietly when you start writing. Hand in his chin and more relaxed then he can remember feeling.
  • He’ll point out little things to you every once and awhile and smile a little when you get frustrated. Cute.
  • He very proudly shoots back ‘Old Timey Poets’ quotes at you (Robert Frost, Shakespeare. He’s kind of a snob in that regard. But it can be pretty romantic)
Religious symbols are double-edged. They are directed towards the infinite which they symbolize, and towards the finite through which they symbolize it. They force the infinite down to finitude and the finite up to infinity. They open the divine for the human and the human for the divine.
—  Paul Tillich, a 20th-century theologian and philosopher. “The Truth of a Religious Symbol” in Symbols of Faith.

“Why did I lose my memory?” the Doctor asked.

“Ah.” Iris shut up, for possibly the first time since she’d arrived.

“That’s all I want to know,’ said the Doctor. "A blow to the head? A psychological trauma? Some sort of machine that worked as a mind rubber?”

“Well, none of the above. You just sort of did.”

Just sort of did?” the Doctor echoed. “That’s not an explanation at all.”

“Look, I don’t know about that bit, to be honest. I’d got confused by then, and I think I might have skipped a few bits. It’s something to do with the choice you made. When you fought the Grandfather.”

Miranda laughed. “My dad beat up a pensioner?”

“No.” the Doctor said, ‘he wasn’t really a grandfather. He was me, but me with short hair. I think.“

"For the last time, it wasn’t just the hair. He was a future you. An evil you. Only that future doesn’t happen, now. He might have been you from a parallel universe. Obviously he was from a parallel timestream, one that no longer happened, but he may have been a you from a parallel timestream within a parallel universe where things happened differently, until, of course, you did whatever you did so that they happened the same. But that itself may have originally been a distinct parallel continuity, one where you lived at home and mourned for your dead wife. If the Grandfather wasn’t that you, then he certainly went to the same barbers. But the status of that you is still up in the air. I had thought he was a future you, but events have rather ruled that out. Unless events transpire to restore, y'know, thingy but if that happened you would almost certainly not be you any more. You’d be that new you. But that you wasn’t an evil you. So that you may have have been a version of one of the origin story ones, you know, the one where Borusa’s your spirit guide. That would make him - you, that is, or rather that particular you, not you you - a pre-canonical you, rather than a post-canonical one. Assuming of course that he’s canonical in the first place. But we have to assume that, otherwise you might as well say that nothing need make any sense at all.” Iris clarified helpfully.

“Heaven forfend,” the Doctor replied. “So who’s Izzy again?”

Iris rolled her eyes. “Forget Izzy. Forget Charley. Forget Benny … no, wait, remember Benny.”

“I don’t remember Benny,” the Doctor said.

“Right. Well which one don’t you remember?”


“It’s OK if you don’t remember the one that went to Guernsey without you. It’s OK if you don’t remember the one that travelled with you you, except for that one time in 1997, who you dropped off at Dellah in 2593. I’m not sure where the one who fought the Scourge with you fits in. You can probably remember that one if you want, I doubt it really matters.’ Iris turned to Miranda. 'I’ve just had a terrible thought. Your mum wasn’t called Benny, was she?”

“Benny’s a woman?” the Doctor asked.

“Doctor, you had thirteen children with her, and you don’t even - forget I said that. You didn’t do that. You didn’t even … oh wait, you did. The once. Or was that in a different bottle altogether?”

“Bottle?” Miranda asked.

“I’ll explain later,” Iris said cheerfully.

- Iris Explains, Lance Parkin (Missing Pieces

Fire leaped from thatched roofs and wooden beam-ends as he hurtled down and past and round again, though all had been drenched with water before he came. Once more water was flung by a hundred hands wherever a spark appeared. Back swirled the dragon. A sweep of his tail and the roof of the Great House crumbled and smashed down. Flames unquenchable sprang high into the night. Another swoop and another, and another house and then another sprang afire and fell; and still no arrow hindered Smaug or hurt him more than a fly from the marshes.

–J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit, Chapter 14

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Nonbinary anon (realized that AC changed it to non-binary, thanks for pointing that out). Thank you for the response! I can definitely see Pidge being a nb girl- it's probably closer to what I think. Do you think the Voltron crew will possibly go even more into Pidge's identity when the team finds Matt? I thought that the bathroom scene in s2 bringing attention to Pidge's identity again hints that the show will cover it in the future. Thank you!

okay nice!! and i do think that they will probably, at least a little bit, go into pidge’s identity. because matt will call pidge katie (probably) which will cause like…a Talk, of some sort. there was also a quote saying that voltron wanted to do lgbt representation, which a lot of people just assumed “gay” (including myself, lol) but like…the lgbt representation could also be trans/nb girl pidge! so…there’s that!


Kaito is more than just ‘never forget your poker face’.

In context and out of context quotes from the manga.

You morphed my heart into something I want to thank you for.
—  is this why you fell onto my path?