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Kevin Tod Smith (Ares God of War) 16/03/1963-15/02/2002

Quote from Ares in S6E12 ‘The God You Know;
“You see, without the god of war, the goddess of love becomes
Quote from Xena in S6E13 'You Are There’;
“You can’t have love without hate. You can’t have peace without violence, and you certainly can’t have forgiveness without anger. I knew I couldn’t just send Aphrodite back to Olympus without Ares. It would have thrown the whole world out of balance.”  

It’s like these words have come true, since Kevin Smith (The one and only Ares) died it’s like the world has gone mad.

Fun fact: Did you know in XWP the last words to be spoken by Ares was to Xena? they were “Till next time Xena” to which Xena replies “Oh you think there’s gonna be one?"                                                                                  This quote is from S6E20 'Soul Possession' 

RIP Kevin Tod Smith.

Some good quotes from this interview with Lucy Lawless on Xena’s relationship with Gabrielle:

“Without Gabrielle, Xena isn’t… oh, gosh, I don’t even know how to express that. Xena–you can’t be a big sister without a little sister, you know, and Gabrielle… made Xena make sense.”

[talking about Xena and Markus] “And that was all new, that was pretty new stuff to television in the ‘90s, you know, still, interracial couplings and potentially a lesbian relation between Xena and Gabrielle, which was a surprise to me and Renee; I remember it was like the eighth episode in, and we saw something from the Village Voice about the lesbian relationship between these two, and we were like ‘What, are they crazy?’ and of course, Rob, and Liz Friedman, the writers, were like, muahaha, like they totally knew–they knew what they were doing; it was just me and Renee who were like, ‘Really?’ [mock-clueless noise]

{Interviewer: So talk about that, did the writers, the writers latched onto it and–

Lucy: Oh, they didn’t ‘latch onto it’; they knew.

Interviewer: Mm-hm–they did it on purpose?

Lucy: Well, one of them, yeah, Liz, Liz is a gay woman, and I’m sure–she’s now on Orange is the New Black, and she [laughs] she totally knew what she was doing, and Rob, like I say, would look where the frontiers are of the acceptability in television and start pushing back those; that’s what makes it groundbreaking television.}

[Talking about the “lesbian subtext”] “It was seeded in there from the start, I guess.”

“I think Gabrielle gave Xena a home–not a physical home, but she was–they were family. And that relationship is one of the major drawcards for the audience, especially that very loyal, hardcore audience: The relationship between the two of them was all-important ‘cause it was something people really crave in their lives, to have… a real buddy, so it doesn’t matter what you go through; you’ve got somebody by your side through thick and thin, and they love that.”


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