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Happy birthday Ad Reinhardt!

“The one thing to say about art is that it is one thing. Art is art-as-art and everything else is everything else. Art as art is nothing but art. Art is not what is not art.” - Ad Reinhardt

Ad Reinhardt was born on this day in 1913.

[Ad Reinhardt. Study for a Painting. 1939. Gouache on paper. Gift of the artist. © 2016 Estate of Ad Reinhardt/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York]

When I was a boy
I thought a life just happened, or was there to find.
Wars were aberrations. Poems were another generation’s.
I didn’t realize you made it up, you made them up,
And that the self was not an object but an act,
A sequence of decisions bound together by a noun
But with the feel of fact.
—  John Koethe, from “Collected Poems,” in Sally’s Hair