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You’ve read the books?”
“I’ve seen the movies.”
Cath rolled her eyes so hard, it hurt. (Actually.) (Maybe because she was still on the edge of tears. On the edge, period.) “So you haven’t read the books.”
“I’m not really a book person.”
“That might be the most idiotic thing you’ve ever said to me.

Cath and Levi, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

“If it has dirty stuff like that, I should check it out.” 🌟

Girl after my own heart.

Nothing you face is unknown to God. Let God help you move from panic to calm, fear to assurance, and weakness to strength by the power of His Spirit.

“Well, what have you there?  A Bible?  How very charming, how childish and refreshingly old-fashioned.”

-Mr. Dark, Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

If you don’t see the greatness of God then all the things that money can buy become very exciting. If you can’t see the sun you will be impressed with a street light. If you’ve never felt thunder and lightning you’ll be impressed with fireworks. And if you turn your back on the greatness and majesty of God you’ll fall in love with a world of shadows and short-lived pleasures.
—  John Piper
A Quote to Live by

My father told me a quote he heard the other day and it really spoke to me. “Live your life to fullest until you find yourself absolutely amazed and inspired by what you have achieved. Never stop, never give up, until you reach that point.” I am going to add to this beautiful quote that you should not stop until you are absolutely in love with what you have accomplished, whether it is your career or your family because you deserve a fan such as yourself. Go fall in love with yourself, people. You are awesome.     

The God who has kept you to this very hour will be the God who will keep you in every hour of the future.