quote and art

I got my heart broken and I survived, I failed 3 courses in university and graduated, I got rejected in the very first job I applied for and got promoted yesterday, I went through hard times with my family but then two years later, we laughed our hearts out over lunch, The closest friends disappointed me several times but I made new friends and loved them with all my heart. I did it once, I can do it again.

“The cost would have been my soul.”

-James Kirk, ‘The Search for Spock’

Well, what can I say? I’m in way too deep. I just watched the first three movies one after the other and TWOK broke my soul into tiny little pieces (again) so I had to do this to fix it back up.

“Maybe my soul is old
looking for a love that no longer exists
maybe my heart is old
born to endure so much pain.”
-Rania Naim

🎨Credit: Unknown

“It doesn’t have to be to Spring for you to bloom.” - Maxwell Diawuoh

Artwork by Charell V. Davis (@psycho-ragdoll).

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