quote about care

I can’t even be upset that you don’t care about me too because you were never mine to care about to begin with…
—  Confessions of a party girl
It’s fucking pathetic that after so long, I still would do anything for you to want me again.

“My dear beloved members, I’m glad to see your faces being blessed during on stage these days. Enjoying music and being together as seven members, I feel blessed. We worked hard to be finally here right? We shared the pains, working through hardships, and when the time gets rough, we helped each other out. And I think that’s how we finally got here. Before we started our activities, I was really worried. Hanbin-hyung comforted me saying ‘I won’t let anyone behind, we will go together, so believe in me.’ Bobby-hyung who told me to be more confident and gives me a lot of advice. Jinhwan-hyung who is warmly watching over and guiding me. June who told me that I have my own strength and to improve them to get better. Yunhyeong-hyung who becomes my model to work even harder. And from those things and words, I think I gained my strength to overcome my worries and finally be here. Lastly to our trusted maknae Chanwoo, as my friend and maknae, thank you very much for always making us smile and laugh. I always feel sorry towards you guys. So, I will grow and be more mature. Even though we just started this journey, we’ve made up until here. If we stick together as seven members of iKON, I believe that the fans who are here with us right now, will stay with us forever. Let’s not disappoint the fans and continue working hard together as seven members. Thank you for being always right next to me. I love you guys. Love, Donghyuk.” 

I could say I don’t care but, I’d be lying.

I don’t know how to fully enjoy any of these moments without wondering if it’s the last.
—  Jay Asher, What Light
I hope one day you regret everything and realize things weren’t so bad between us and maybe you realize I did my best for you every single day. However, when that day comes I’ll be gone, and we missed a perfectly good chance to find happiness together.