George and I are like brothers, we had never left each other’s side. We complete each other. And my problems at that time separated us a little bit. It catalysed the troubles that he had and solidified all of the issues that I was having in return, and it became this really dark time. And born out of that was The Ballad of Me and My Brain. So, now, retrospectively I can think it was all okay, but it really fucked us up as a couple – because we are a couple, really. The distance that we travelled away from each other turned out to be a really important part of the album. When George got better, the unity we felt when we both got back together was like I’d been away from my wife for six months and I’d just picked her up at the airport and it was sunny and we were going on holiday. I know that sounds mad, but it’s true.
—  Matty Healy on his relationship with George Daniel [x]