I mean, I would absolutely love to, I’d love to and I’ve had many, many meetings and whatnot about doing it and I think I’m just kind of looking for the right thing. I really want to originate or create something new, whether in a new musical or a new play or a revival, just as long as it’s new. I can’t wait and yeah, there are things in the works but I gotta do it, it’s in my blood, I can’t not.
—  Chris Colfer on making his Broadway debut
I miss you.
I’m angry that I miss you.
For now my worth is tainted by your purposely sent absence, but i still desperately grab the thin still air for the received attention that is never here.
Sinking hope of your return everywhere.
Now when i think of you, my mind screams beware.
beware. beware. beware.
Because your love kills.
—  drawingho