quotations about love

You will always wander among my thoughts till the day I die.
—  Poets Love Her

“Impara a dire ciò che senti, magari è proprio quello che qualcuno ha bisogno di ascoltare.”

Daniele di Benedetti

He’s the purest form of love. The kind of love that you can only dream of. When you’re best friends, yet also lovers and nothing is expected from either of you. He’s like a sunrise - he always brightens up the dark. Every fear, every insecurity you have, he finds beauty in it and it makes you fall in love with him even more. You look at him knowing that he’s not going anywhere, no matter how often you create scenarios in your head that he will. When he says he loves you, you know that he means it, cause he’d never tell you a lie or say something he doesn’t mean. He’s honest and kind; he makes sure you always know your worth. There is not a single shallow bone in his body. Everything is taken into consideration; all of your feelings and words and doubts, he considers it all. And he knows you better than you think you know yourself - he knows you better than most people, actually. All of these things are what scare you about him. Because even though he’s your person and you’re his, you find yourself thinking that maybe someone else might fit him better than you do; that maybe someone else might give him more breathing room or make him laugh more than you do. Its just fear, that’s all.
—  H. G. 4/18/17

And at that same panel Barbara talked about how she used to think the reason Yang was such a wreck after losing her arm was because she lost a part of herself and she wasn’t as strong anymore so it meant she couldn’t be there for people. But now she realized it’s actually because Blake abandoned her after that happened and she’s been abandoned by so many people including her mom. So “the person who she, you know, cares about so much” peaced out and that’s the thing Yang couldn’t take anymore and that ruined her.

And Arryn got really distressed about it and she was like “Ohhh, Blake probably didn’t even think about that. I didn’t even think about that!”

It’s heartbreaking how some people can just let go of you so easily that you start to question yourself if they ever really loved you, they make you feel like you were never really worthy of their effort because all you ever needed was their reassurance yet they showed you none of it. And then what’s even worse about it, is that you can never figure those people out until they decide they don’t need you anymore.
Whenever you find yourself lost, just sit down and look at the stars,and remember that wherever you go, I’ll find you and bring you back home.
Ever since I was a child, I’ve belonged only to my words. I don’t have a country, a specific culture. If I didn’t write, if I didn’t work with words, I wouldn’t feel that I’m present on earth.
—  Jhumpa Lahiri, “The Fragile Shelter,” In Other Words.

Trainspotting (1996) directed by Danny Boyle