It’s not about finding someone who can make you happy; it’s about finding someone who can reflect all the good things about you, someone who can feel the same pain as you and still go through with it, someone who sees the bad things with you and still accepts you for who you really are.
—  Poets Love Her
Someone asked me recently how to get over someone that was never truly yours. And I’m not sure how to answer that question. Because there is no closure, no moment of relief, no acceptance of what has come and gone. You don’t get to take down the photos and delete the messages. You don’t get to give away his old sweater and rip apart the ticket stubs. There is nothing there. Nothing to hold onto and nothing to let go of. No birthday cards and no anniversary presents, no roses or valentines chocolates, no favorite songs and no go-to date night movies. There’s nothing there. Nothing at all. It’s just one giant “what if”. And I still haven't figured out how to let go of the “what ifs”.
—  f.a.w
when my eyes peek
over the pages of my book
I do not like what I see
so much hatred
and judgment
and anonymity
so I hide between the covers
with my eyes
locked on the words
of a world that cannot hurt me
if I never turn the
final page.
—  life of a bookworm by shelby leigh
It’s impossible to stay sad when you see such a wonderful face as yours.
—  Poets Love Her
My friend
Think yourself as
A broken crayon
But always remember
The ones
Shortened and
Some skin scratched
Always shine
—  You will always color better 💅/ REPHRASED / Methethinkinggirl ✌
En effet, tout homme qui n'accepte pas les conditions de la vie, vend son âme.
C'est une âme qui se vend en détail.
—  Charles Baudelaire (Les Paradis artificiels)
I wish
I looked beautiful
Crumbling down
Falling apart;
Autumn leaves do in Autumn.
Even when
They are explicitly
From their branches.
—  But I won’t, I know🍂/Methethinkinggirl