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I never thought that it was possible to love someone so completely, or that one person could be everything that I’ve ever wanted, but never knew that I did. And I found you.
—  L Lawliet to Light Yagami, Those Who Stand For Nothing Fall For Anything
Shit Tumblr History Nerds Say to Each Other

Below are quotes - actual quotes - from a Skype chat me and a bunch of tumblr history nerds are in. Yes, we use Skype. We’re losers. Also here’s a disclaimer: it’s a private conversation where messages are typically sent without passing through our brains first. Do not take anything seriously. Also, reading this might will cause cancer.


Fuji, @fujisan-ni-noboru-hinode
Gideon, @tanks-a-lot
Shiggy, @uss-edsall
Joey, @british-eevee
Zach, @supermarketsecurity

Part 1 of ?: Sections 0 - 99

This post contains sections 0-99: 25 AUGUST 2015 to 12 OCTOBER 2015. Joey and Zach were not a part of the chat group yet.

Section 0

Off to a good start,

“you’d think that the friendship between tumblrs two Pacific War historians would be a little intellectual, but nope” - Fuji

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You cannot get Jesus without His grace and you cannot get His grace without getting Jesus. The reality of Christ will rock your world, He will rip away your pride and selfishness, and set up His kingdom in your life. Jesus is not just a good man, His teachings are not simply quotable love notes and His mission is not simply to be kind to people. He is the truth, the way and the only hope for all of man kind. Jesus changed the world and it will be evident in your life when you allow Him complete control.

Grace is the opportunity to be more like Christ; and it will always be there for you to take, you just have to know the price it will cost you and the journey it will take you.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Jesus, His Grace and the Gospel