quotable art

My heart Still dances
On the rhythm
Of your guitar

Even when
The fingers playing
Are no longer mine.

—  you will always be the rhythm for me 🎵/Methethinkinggirl

You were the string
Of maybe’s
On which my entire universe
Was hung upon.

Since you have been gone,
Those Stars are drowning
In the pit of my stomach.

—  I wish we didn’t snap that early/Methethinkinggirl 🌟
A writer’s pen leaks emotions.
—  Oneamateurgirl (S. T.)

For me
Love occurs
In the empty words
I wish to hear
At 2 ams;

From you
Only you.

—  And you do whisper- only in my heart 💛/Methethinkinggirl

Millions of elements
Up over the universe
I had to chose you.

The freckled neon with eyes
Embedded galaxies within.

—  You cause cosmos to my heart💫/Methethinkinggirl
I will have
we will be done
The series of lies;
Poems and texts
We sent, Each other .
—  We can’t undo tragedies 🌌🌌/Methethinkinggirl