quorum notes

winter soldier reactions: quorum edition
  • vilefangirl: youuuuuu should put that in Quorum.
  • vilefangirl: Mayor Steve Rogers, and his boyfriend Sam Wilson.
  • me: But Steve's with Peggy in the Quorum universe.
  • me: And SOMEONE has to be straight in this story
  • vilefangirl: Thor's straight. That's enough.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Please forgive the random anon message, but I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE Quorum. It's one of the best, most tightly-written, fully-realised, absorbing fics I've ever read. It actually prompted me to buy The West Wing box set so I could learn more about US politics, and I LOVE it. And I can't help but watch it with the Qurorum characters in mind :D Would you ever write fic about them all when they're in the White House (I assume Thor wins...)? Anyway - it's awesome. Thank you!

AAAAAH thank you so so so much anon! Also, anything that gets anyone to watch the West Wing. ANYTHING. I’ve had to stop watching it while Quorum’s still a WIP because it’s too humbling, like, wow. 

I have thought about a possible sequel! It wouldn’t be as long as Quorum, probably closer to a one-chapter slice-of-life-in-the-White-House type of thing (IF thor wins, wink wiiiink). I can’t say I wouldn’t be tempted to consider some single episodes of the White House as a model, in that the whole chapter would be sort of about that issue of the week, with subplots and characterization woven in throughout, because it’s never really just one issue of the week. 

But I’m trying not to think about it too much while I still have to freaking finish Quorum haha so WHO KNOWS! 

Thank you so so much for the lovely comment, it’s really made my morning!