Valentine's Couples

Just a list of confirmed or rumoured couples for Valentine’s Cup :). This isn’t equivalent to actually signing up (you’ll have to sign up with the tournament organisers when they make the sign-up form available), it’s just for reference of who is single and who isn’t. If you know of a couple that you’d like to be added to the list, let us know!

Also: thank you to anyone who informs us about new quoples! I’m not going to respond to them individually because they’ll crowd the site, but cheers :D.

Luke T x Jan M

Ash C x Priya S

Sally H x Alice N

James B (aka Jesus to literally everyone) x Tom N

Bex M x Dave G

Dan B x Holly C

Natasha F x Ben H

Jack L x Sarah J (Couple Name: Jack Jackson, aka Jack Off)

Alex G x Jemma T

Jay H x Sarah D

Natalie A x Johny L

Matty P x Lee B

Libertee H x Holly K

Zoe F x Ollie C

Selfie x Fakie (Couple Name: Troll i fangehullet)

Lewis B x Bill O

Travis M x Alice W

Jenny B x Phil B (Couple Name: Misslelist)

Sophie C x Chema H

Ben P x Connor S

Hannah W x Jacob V