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Sorry if someone (or like twenty different someones) has told you this already (or you already know), but the original audio post (and lyrics up to DankDropper) are by tumblr user whatwouldsaulalinslydo— the rest is by quoms

noted, the original audio post I think had no lyrics. major downside of the digital age is no liner notes. major upside obv is cannabis drone startups that you pay with bitcoin and are celebrated in song


Edmond: “You pronounce it ’ Fantastic’. As in ’ You are fantastic’." 

Quom: ”Faaaahhnnnntttiiisss…hmm" 

Edmond: “ Are you listening? Quo-”


My OC Edmond with godlingofmischief ’s OC Quom.

Our bbs. Happy birthday you. <3 


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