I’ve been dealing with a lot of bullshit today, including Facebook trolls who are comparing me to Aveline as a veiled insult (lolwhat I don’t even) and appear to think they’re IRL Isabela (LOLWHAT WHO ACTUALLY DOES THAT), which prior to the delusions of grandeur really started to get to me, as my wonderful and supportive Twitter followers can tell you. (seriously I love you all) I was upset all day, it escalated … and now it’s honestly a little ridiculous so I ain’t even mad bro. Still, I was initially planning on making this post to not feel like such a sad sack of shit, so here we go….

So here’s Qunaribela, everyone. I’m going to keep reminding myself that, no matter what the haters do, I will always be proud of myself for wearing her. As before, a million thanks to spader7 for drawing the fanart that launched a thousand embroidery stitches <3 

The group photo features Laura as Cerberus Shepard, Matt as James Vega, Rana as Samara, Maddy as a SWTOR Trooper, Crystal as FemShep, and Melissa as Tali. Photo credit goes to the phenomenal Leonard Lee AKA LJinto, who I barely got to see this weekend but who is awesome as always. (also DUDE THESE PICS ARE ON MTV)