so handsome. so cute. so good.

@life-is-no-sugarlicking‘s adaar quizzy, i saw him and figured that while i’m in like this phase were i can’t draw my own characters to save my life i should draw raas, because i have a weakness for both qunari and freckles. lmao don’t worry bout what that long horn is doing it’s just doin it’s own thing drawing decent horns takes me for-fucking-ever so this is what we get.

also i don’t think this is your main blog but it’s where i always see the screen caps of him sO?? ?


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Instead of just spiders in the Fade...
  • Lavellan: Shadowy human figures carrying proverbial pitchforks and torches.
  • Mage Trevelyan: Flaming Templars wilding tranquil brands.
  • Templar Trevelyan: Abominations in Templar armor.
  • Addar: A Qunari re-educator.
  • Mage Addar: An Avaarad with a control rod.
  • Cadash: Darkspawn.