“Ye should have kept walkin’, ‘Vint.“

Gifty for @thereluctantinquisitor for reasons I’m not ready to talk about yet until I’m done setting it all up, and I am excite!

So we’ve been talking about how her OCs would react to this big scary looking pirate showing up at Skyhold, and Varlen - being Varlen - would likely be intimidated at first, nope like a pro and keep his distance until someone else deems this guy safe to be around with.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Varlen Jarvaazim isn’t anything like that at all; he kinda looks at Varlen like how one would look at a kicked puppy, something that needs help, a nudge in the right direction, and he has no interest in keeping his distance. He means well with it, trust me on that, but he still ends up looking like a kidnapper. XD The grumpy clanmate part refers to Hanin.

As for Dorian… this was gonna be a silly thing at first but then I had to add him in, and then it got serious. One of the rules Jarvaazim lives by is that you never ever EVER turn your back on a ‘Vint. This is just really bad timing on Dorian’s part, and now he’s gotta deal with it. How he does that, no idea… gonna leave that up to @thereluctantinquisitor if she wants to lol.

Jarvaazim is a ton of fun to draw but my hand hurts lol. Time for a break!

Day 13 - The Iron Bull

Since I try to push myself out of my comfort zone…
–I have never drawn The Iron Bull
–I have never drawn laughter
–I didn’t try Anthony Ryder’s approach to drawing on a portrait yet

Also, I want the big guy to be happy, somehow. So happy he is, at least here.

Referenced from several images, mostly Bull’s screenshots plus one separate laughing reference.


I shaded some more stuff from my sketchbook – it’s the Dapplegrim again, this time lookin’ sharp at the fancy ball in Orlais, meeting Josephine’s sister. 

Big women with big horns attract more yonic attention than Cullen, pass it on >> I haven’t decided who the Dapplegrim is going to pick romance-wise yet, though – I like Josephine’s intelligence and  personality a lot, but she can’t fight alongside me… hrm