Ace of Swords

saar’s default tarot card. my attempts to incorporate elements from the classic ace-of-swords design remained mostly attempts, but i did get the wreath in there, and the staff is technically reminiscent of a sword, so.

her loyalty/friendship card is here, and i’ll likely get around to the romance card this weekend.

(sketches for all three cards are here; link is slightly nsfw)


Cast your OTP’s Meme by wardenaeducan!

Okay I was going to cast Cullen as well for my Adaarllen pairing, but I just cannot decide on who to pick to play him, and there have already been a lot of good Cullen casting so I’ll just do my Adaar instead. :V

So without further adieu, I give you…

Redaric Williams as Harren Adaar!