Confession:  I’m admittedly rather salty about the fact that we don’t get any in game explanation as to why Qunari or Tal Vashoth don’t become Grey Wardens. I love the Dragon Age universe, and I read the wiki, but I don’t want to have to rely on a brief line in one book to explain away one of the bigger mysteries in the franchise (at least in my mind). I really want this to be explored more in the games without having to mod it in. Please Bioware! Let me make an awesome horned giant to smash other horned giants with!

(Just piggybacking off of this)

BioWare: Lol look how backwards the Avvar are, believing simple spirits are gods! Lets make fun of them and try and correct them every chance we get. What silliness from the Avvar!

BioWare: Hey you know The Stone we’ve introduced but haven’t bothered to really delve into? Let’s do that! There’s actually no such thing just Titans. Dwarves are so silly.

BioWare: The Elven Pantheon? Totally fake they were actually just evil mage overlords and look how silly the Dalish are lol!

BioWare: And we’ve already been pretty clear how wrong the Qun is, right?

BioWare: But that pseudo Christian religion, well that’s up to the player to interpret. 

BioWare: #DragonAgeInquisition