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you enjoy this blog, this blog only post high qulaity posts.

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The Signs at Their Best and Their Worst

Aries: They can be the most fun and most creative people around if you just give them an outlet to let loose! Some of the best Aries are ones that are surrounded by support and have the room for their natural independence and leadership qualities to grow. At their worst, Aries are blunt, critical, and sometimes harsh in their opinions and this can lead to some of the worst arguments you’ve ever had. Stubborn to a fault.

Taurus: At their best, Tauruses can be the funniest people around once they let their guard down! They are open to trying any new restaurant with you, and are amazing listeners when they care, comfort and consistency are their natural gifts. At their worst, they can be unmotivated, cold, materialistic, and practically immovable when they don’t want to do something. Sometimes very closed off and guarded.

Gemini: At best Geminis are fun, flirty, and interesting people to hang out with. They offer different perspectives on the world and can always surprise you with what they have going on inside their head. At worst, they can be flirty to the point of unfaithful, detached when they don’t get their way, and even a little manipulative because they have a way with words. Hard to understand what they want.

Cancer: Cancers can be the most nurturing, sympathetic souls around, who’s energy is lifted by helping their friends and having a good time. They’re always there when you need them to be, the mother that everyone needs in the group. But at their worst, Cancers can be overly sensitive, needy, and even a little fake in their politeness to everyone around them, needing constant validation. Stuck in the past. 

Leo: At their pinnacle Leos are compassionate, honest, driven, and positive people. They just want to make sure everyone is having a good time, helping them be the social butterfly that everyone knows them as, and they just want to treat others the way Leos think everyone should treat each other. At worst, they are bossy, snarky, more cocky than confident, egotistical, and prideful to the  point of never being wrong. Bad at admitting mistakes and apologizing.

Virgo: These people are so intellectually stimulating you always learn something new with them. Being around good Virgos can be educational, fun, and even helpful to understand things from a logical point of view. In their worst moments, they are over-analytical that they drive themselves crazy, closed off emotionally, or so independent they become isolated from everybody. Moody for no reason at all.

Libra: When Libras are in good shape they are social, efficient, smart, and capable of making the best out of any situation! They just want to have a good time with their friends and aren’t afraid to be their wacky comedic selves when given the right setting. If they don’t feel like being their normal good-hearted personas, at their worst they are indecisive, picky, and frozen like a deer in headlights when they’re scared of moving in any direction. Hard time trusting themselves to make choices. 

Scorpio: Although they are known for their burning intensity, Scorpios can also be the funniest people around with a childlike sense of humor. They are loyal to those that prove their worth, and their passion for life is what keeps their spirits high. At their worst though, a Scorpio is vindictive, vengeful, and holds a grudge like no other. This can make them manipulative and deceitful, because they try so hard at hiding their insecurities that they don’t show any emotion. Major issues trusting others.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians can be the best person to take on spontaneous road trips with, a great travel buddy because they love the freedom the world can give them, and some of the best pep talks you’ve heard it’s no wonder they’re so positive! At their worst times, these people are direct past the point of “tough-love”, selfish, and even blind to the smaller things in life good or bad. So forward thinking they don’t always live in the present.

Capricorn: Capricorns can be the goofiest people you’ve ever met, with an affinity for bad puns and reasonable steps to achieve their goals in life. These are the people you want around when you’re starting any new venture and need a practical solution to the problem. But sometimes this practicality comes off as cold, unfeeling, even insensitive at times. They don’t always know when to use their heart instead of their head, making it hard to get to know them on a deeper level. Too cold they forget the warmth of emotional connection.

Aquarius: Some of the most thoughtful and caring individuals you’ve ever met. Aquarians thrive on helping as many as they can, having the gift of larger sight that makes them good at seeing the long-term goals through. An affinity for individuality and originality, these people have many facets to their personalities. But sometimes this uniqueness comes off as aloof, misunderstood, and even trying too hard. They can be a complete know-it-all and won’t hear any other way than their own. Problem with listening to other’s advice.

Pisces: With a Pisces there is always laughter, joy, and appreciation for the little things in life. These people always offer their ears for listening, hands for helping, and arms for embracing. Always willing to go the extra step to take care of someone. Unfortunately the downside of this is that their empathy is often felt too strongly that they lose themselves in others, escapists to the point of substance abuse when things get tough, and can easily cry at anything anytime. Too busy holding on that they can’t move forward.


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anon asks: so, is sans dating grillby? (Ut!grillz that is… and ut!sans)
anon asks: the thing i’m wondering about it, if there are different grillbys, then is there several other sanses too? well i know this a grillby ask blog, but i’m just curious of the backstory ((and also S I N))
t0asty-marshmall0w asks: Do all the GRillbys have cute nicknames for their sans… or is it just US!Grillby?

UT Grillby: Sans is my most regular customer and we have known eachother for quite a while. Not that long ago, we, well, it’s a bit of a long story, so I’ll save it for another time, but-
UT Sans: but yeah. heh. i had the hots for grillbz so i made a move and now we’re dating
MT Sans: grillby’s a real blue serge*- he doesn’t say much and most of the fellas in here stay away from him, but he’s a real swell guy if you get to know him.
MT Grillby: sans likes to linger after hours and chat. we’re good friends. we don’t have nicknames for eachother, really,  but sans calls me a ‘blue serge’ sometimes, and i call him a 'swell skel-fella’ when he’s feeling down.
UF Grillby: sansy is my favourite cutomer, definitely. he and I spend a lot of qulaity time together and I’d hazard to say I’m more attached to him than any of the other miserable whelps in this town, isn’t that right dear. *gropes*
OT Sans: me and twinkle-toes have been going steady for ages now; so yeah, we are dating. I always liked hanging out at his cafe, and i gotta say, he left me star struck as soon as I saw him- he’s really out of this world and-
OT Grillby: S-pace yourself, sans. When it comes to puns, you rocket, but you should go easy or you might get burnt out.
OT Sans: heh heh. yeah. i should probably stop.
US Grillby: like i’ve said before, dear little sugarskull is definitely the sweetest monster in teh underground, and I’d love it if he could be my arm-candy- but he’s just too precious that it’s hard to ask him that kind of question. so no, we aren’t dating. but i certainly wouldn’t be against doing so.
US Sans: //to his fiery-floss// so good!



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